Insight into how I work

I share for those who need to see to believe.
I have been back on the spirit train this week. Bringing them to those who’ve requested they stop by through me.
Never put it that way…but it fits quite nicely.
I never take my abilities for granted. In fact I stand in their way.
I am very fortunate and humbled to have worked with so many people around the world, and that very rarely does a client only read with me once.
That in itself says enough.
I cover many many areas of human life, including past, present and future.  There are caveats which I always explain in detail.
In this type of reading today it was counselling.  I guess for the non believers in energies other than which they are told exist and can confirm it….well I’m like a life coach. Or a therapist.
Yet without a human ego driving the train.  I am present in the reading of course, but the words the guidance the pictures the proof the reading…comes from spirit.  My team in spirit who are then joined by any other necessary spirits for your unique session.
Imagine me like a cable.  There is a point A where the e energy comes from, point B the cable it travels, point C the TV that now works.  You can not see electricity yet you believe in it.  Why….well it proves its existence to you.
For spirit to get this scientific, logical human to remember why she is here and what she is able to do I’m connecting realms…..well I want, like, need evidence.
So I imagine you do to.
Only those that read with me know the extent of my accuracy.  But trust me when I tell you, there can be no doubting when it presents itself.
As I grow in this world, my abilities continue to grow also. 
Here today…I simply type. What I hear, see, know, feel, smell, taste….which depends on the spirits I am working with and also the client.  My human disconnects, and I run the energy for you.
I hope this helps you understand me a little better.
I am trying to balance my posts and their variety along with actually bringing spirit to you. In all capacity. For that is the soul reason for my existence.
With love xxx
For now, Zowie 🙏