Dear Friends
Please read the words on the image as well as here if you enjoy sharing in how I bring spirit through to those asking.
We begin to describe her position and room layout as we work our way around protecting the space and the connection.
No one will ever work with spirit and myself without mine and my teams protection.  Many often feel us. Feel the change in the room or on their body.  To ease their minds on their decision making often we will often describe the room around you, your positioning, maybe how you look.
It doesn’t happen all of the time…but most.
I very rarely read for clients in the same country as me….long story (this seems to be changing)…in this case today we were in the same country.  Which is why I accepted the unexpected unplanned session….trusting the universe.
But it matters not where you are in the world. We are able to do the same.
I hope you enjoy these posts, I am happy for you to share if you wish.
If you wish to make comment on your experience with me in the past…or have a question then please go ahead.
I am trying to juggle the administration that working with spirit presents me…so if you do make contact with me…please be patient. I will reply.  Yet have to carry out readings…and erm live 🤣 at the same time. If they had their way…I would simply read all of the time.
For now, with love xxx