Evidence of my abilities

Sweet Friends
And so it begins.  I am in the process of booking clients in for readings of all varieties.
I am so very lucky that many are those who have worked and followed me for many years.  They have all experienced readings with me, but also my ‘ask away’ sessions….my guidance posts and also my constant posting of evidence of my abilities working.
Trust me…I need the evidence as much as any other doubting human.  My human is logical and scientific in nature…..yes imagine living in my head. Fun fun fun.
Anyhoo…there are beginnings of new followers and so my abilities will be new to you.
Here I am displaying remote viewing, clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairgustance (yep I tasted the bird food bar) sorry @richwitchcoven I’m sure you will find it lovely….xxxx
Believe in the unbelievable….or share it to those who just might.
For now, with love xxx

Love and Light 💖

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