Sweet Beings,
I wonder what people like to hear from me, I’m told it matters not. Whether it be proof of spiritual existence, whether it be ‘come on get your act together’ 🤭, or displays of how to connect…even intrigue on me, my story – I’m told each post hits the needed mark.
I adore all aspects of bringing energies in all realms together. I am grateful and humble. Yet, there is a special place within me, when I am able to facilitate the meeting of a deceased loved one and human still breathing.
It is also the area which I fear/worry/doubt..to the greatest degree. I apply pressure to my human. My soul, my highest spirit and any communicating spirit find it easy. In fact as time goes on, and as I surrender and succumb to my being I advance further and further in what I can bring forward. This growth spans all readings, and I hope you understand what I am saying.
All readings matter to the highest degree. When I am not able to be the very best of my being for those who find me, I step away…..hahhahha to the exasperation of those following me for some time no doubt. Well…you’re gonna have to deal with that I’m afraid peeps, half cocked isn’t an option for me.
But bringing loved ones in different realms back together, is everything. A marvel. Disbelievable to our humans, yet doing all the same.
These comments on the post are from a Mum, whose daughter has joined her whole spirit self. A daughter who I’m honoured to be her channel for her to still communicate with her Mum. Now if that doesn’t rock your world…..wake the 🤬 up. This matters, most of what we matter on…don’t.
There is irrefutable accurate evidence in this reading, but that is private. I share what I can preserving a treasured union.
Believe in all you’ve been told is unbelievable.
With love xxx
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