Cherished Friends

I sit in a platform often. In it not onit. My precipice. I don’t step on for my human is safer init.

This precipice is filled in equal parts of dreams and worries, ideals and fears. When I’m here anything is possible. Oh I have so many things I file here…store in bookcases….lay on coffee tables.

My ego lined the walls with paper of assurance, patterned with one day and of course you wills.

Angel’s and guides have gently spoken this week to us about our intents, our resolve, our choices and paths. Look back over the posts if you wish to see the layers peeling away…all so that your human allows, believes this too is for them.

Me included. But…eek. Its nearing the first new fresh week of January. Work, family, people, travel, food, emotions, feelings, pets, media, technology…is all about to storm our Christmas/New Year bubble. What a few days ago felt achievable, doable…walls papered with ‘of course I can’…’I’m the king of the world’ feels bloody light years away.

Who were we kidding…. An ominous impending reality looms…life. Human life, with all the variables it entails on its travelator picking you up tomorrow morning – or for you it may be the day before or 2 days later. Don’t split hairs. Pedantic equals you hiding in this moment.

Harness the universal energy that was created for you. Some may argue…how daft it’s a day or time of year which makes no difference than choosing any other day in the calendar year…say August 18th. Well, maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong. Doable, absa-bloody-lutely. Likely for many, nope.

It depends on the connection between your human ego and your spirit led soul. Take that in. Some have evolved over many incarnations to be able to this, fine. Good, job well done. Your toolkit differs.

Many incarnate here to evolve, make changes…of which will be exceptionally hard. That’s the point. If your spirit self had this lesson in its toolkit – it wouldn’t be here. Capiche💃. Now…today’s loving words, suggestion, guidance, is step onto your platform. Your precipice. ‘But what if I fall, Darling Child…what if you fly. Know you are flying, so you will fly but first Child you must take off. Only you can choose to do so.’

It’s ok to be afraid, but you still have choice as the pending loom of normal life sits at our doorstep.

What is your motivation? Collective universal energy.

Get on the train. It was commandeered by the universe for all, for this reason. Harness the energy of knowing they can all fly as they take the same train to their own unique destinations. It’s the ride you need. The lift you need. The tipping point to step off your precipice into carving your reality which waits.

There is no coincidence that this planet has seconds, days, weeks and years. Knowledge of the stars and planets and gravity…to the extent we are allowed to know for now…but they are here for so much more. New Years beginning…like it or not…its new. Its fresh and it is a beginning.

Humans talk of New Year Resolutions where it came from, matters not. Clever all the same. For there are very few times that collectively humans come together with a humans like minded energy. Belief, intent, courage for their change. Now, right now choose. Step onto your platform. Now will you choose flight.

Me…yes. I have lived in a dream of what I could do, what I could be. One element I’ve sat with for many years in my comfy platform of precipice…dreaming. Once again got to a point where yeah yeah yeah
…I’m gonna…and I can include this and that…and have I. Nope. Today I could. And I began to fluff around the edges finding reasons how I need to be more ready.

So in they swept. I hadn’t planned this post. I had nothing to say. And then…in it comes and I’m writing. For me, for you.

I hope you read, decipher and enjoy. More importantly I implore you to sit with yourself, have a good old talking to before tomorrow comes. Me…see you later I have a train to catch.

So be it.

With love xxx