Evidence / Testimonial

Sweet Friends
I will begin posting evidence based transactions of my abilities for those wishing to see.
Trust me, I need and seek the proof of my abilities as much as you do. The human brain likes logic and what it’s been programmed with as its truth and potential.
As yet, in the most part, the humans of our world believe that what I am able to do…is not possible.
That anyone professing to do so, is a hoax, a fraud…a fruitloop.
Well luckily for me I exist in a time when I shall not be burnt at the stake for those not prepared to challenge their program.
Yet I will raise my head above the parapet and be inclusive to all those wishing to be included.
The image I present is a screenshot from my Instagram page. This page is now private. Here, often I interact with others and display my abilities to help them. This is for free.
I do conduct readings which I charge for, but balance the two.
I do not interact on any other platform at present and not likely for the future.
I do not follow others on instagram, I do not wish nor need to see, hear or know anything about you for my abilities to preside.
So if wishing a safe place, a non judgement place which is private to connect with me, my team and those who also follow me…then my account is @walkswithspirit.
With love xxx
🙏 Zowie

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