Much isn’t yours…

Lightfilled Friends,

‘Child, you cannot control all and every occurence and its impacts on the outside.

Taking that occurence and its impact inside…
Child, this indeed you can control.

Do not replicate inside all that occurs on the outside as if its yours…much isn’t’.

Guidance received and so I share. Take these words in as they will apply to multiple situations, multiple times a day, then a week…a month. This habit is one as must see, and not prevent as that’s not always possible…but front. See that you are choosing to take an energy which wasn’t yours and make it so.

What do I mean…ok. A simple example….You watch a film, you’re hooked. He is amazing…what a man. He loses his battle to survive…his family, his children, his friends and colleagues….distraught. The funeral, his young daughter stands and speaks her poem…the tears flow on the screen and off. You are hooked, involved emotionally and physically. The tears fall and you feel it as if its yours….all yours.

It’s not. They a actors, it’s a film. It’s done its job, in entertaining you 😢😯

Now you have choice, for that emotion you felt was real to your human. It reacted with tears. Your energy around you like a compass has been set by the film you watched and the reaction you had.

Now you must see clearly the mood, feelings you are now experiencing and the energy that now surrounds you. If not careful this energy will impact something real. Something that does matter.

The examples I could give are endless…its for you to see how your matrix is operating right now.

Did you walk into a room and its tense, you’ve no idea why…but now your tense. You remain so for the rest of the day. You go home…your tense energy evolves into an anxiety and then emotion of terseness and anger towards loved ones…..and guess what…that tense energy was never yours.

So, lets be mindful on what we collect. We cannot always control the outside. We can always control the inside.

I ask you simply see it. Then choose what to do with it.

The light in me, honours the light in you.

For now, with love xxx