12 Signs your loved ones are visiting you…


1. pennies from heaven
Your deceased Loved Ones can manipulate the energy of the environment. They can get people to ‘accidentally’ drop small things in your presence and then nudge you to look down at the right moment. The most common physical sign from your loved one is a penny – it’s lightweight enough to move and shiny enough for you to see.

2. cardinals and brightly coloured birds
Your Loved Ones can work with those in the animal world to send you a sign of their presence by getting a cardinal, a blue jay or a large hawk to act abnormally in your presence for just long enough to get your attention….for me my Grandad and my Nan have always used Pigeons.

3. smelling their cooking
Your Loved Ones can use the loose electrons and atoms available in the air to create momentary combinations that smell just like something they were known for doing, having or smelling like. Cookies, cakes and breads wafting through the air and no one is cooking? It’s Grandma!

4. smelling their perfume
Your Loved Ones can also momentarily shift the molecules with the air of your space to mimic the scent of cigarettes, cigars, mothballs, perfume or flowers – anything they were known for! If you smell something very out of character for your space, it’s likely a Loved One from the other side!

5. feeling a presence next to you
Your Loved Ones, though they have lost their physical body, they have not lost their Spiritual Body. While not always physically visible, the Spiritual Body is palpable by most people. Sensing someone in the room without another physical human present? It’s more than likely a Spirit person.

6. having a visitation dream
Your Loved Ones can visit you through your dreams. How can you tell when a dream is really from a Loved One? Learn the difference between a regular and a visitation dream here.

7. hearing their voice
Many people hear the voices of their Loved Ones inside their own minds after their passing. This is not your imagination or wishful thinking. It’s called internal clairaudience and it’s how a medium hears the deceased. Hearing your Loved One? You are not making it up.

8. warm goosebumps and tingles
The sensation of the presence of a Spirit who has crossed often produces warm, tingly feelings on the outside or on the inside of the body. If you have been feeling lots of tingles or goosebumps (especially while reading this article), your Loved One is visiting!

9. unexpected favors
Your Loved Ones still want to do nice things for you, but being without a physical body, their options for physical gifts are often limited. This is why your Loved Ones are often behind getting you special, unexpected discounts in stores, helping you meet the right people for your career and love life, and keeping you out of dangerous accidents!

10. flashes of light
Those in Spirit don’t always know or have the energy to fully manifest as an apparition. Living in the realm of the Divine Light (Heaven), your Loved Ones can manifest as flashes, orbs or balls of light, usually seen out of the corner of your right eye. Seeing flashes? This could be a Loved One!

11. orbs in photographs
Same concept as above. Those in Spirit form can manifest as a small ball of light in photographs, as well as in walking, waking regular life. Learn more about Orbs here.

12. misplacing and finding items
Have you been losing things only to find them in the same place you remember putting them later on? Your Loved Ones can move items, either to play a cute joke on you or to get your attention. It’s never malicious and don’t worry, they’ll actually help you find lost items you’ve been looking for, too!
These are the 12 most common signs you are being visited by your Loved Ones!

Enjoy them…don’t over think just feel the love.

With love xxx



2 thoughts on “12 Signs your loved ones are visiting you…

  1. I’m reminded of the times where I’ll be on a walk with my backpack (mostly empty yet very light) and I’ll feel something tug on the backpack. There’s never anyone I can see behind me or anything that the backpack could get snagged onto. 😅 I normally take a second to stop and look around…you never know what the spirit could be saving me from. I’ve experience flashes of light out of the corner of my eye for as long as I can remember since I was child. In recent years, lots of butterflies on my walks that flutter right in front of my path.


  2. Thank you so much for writing this Zowie! Love it. I truly appreciate your valuable time and energy 🌹🌹


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