Embrace your change


Dearest Friends

I was concerned for my work and sessions have impacted my postings. I worried for I had not yet posted guidance from the Universal consciousness today.

I’m swiftly reminded, change has no timer, no alarm clock.

So let’s get you what you most need in this moment.

Souls goals are not egos goals. Unfortunately egos pain is first to be felt.

Ego finds change painful and has the ability to flinch. To make the human feel the pain as if it’s happened …to put it off from experiencing.

The thought of a plaster being ripped off a cut is far worse…than taking it off and seeing the wound healed.

Well at the moment to see the healing your ego is generating the feelings of multiple ripped off plasters. If you begin to peel the layers…take a peek…you’re in fact healing nicely.

Healing….not healed. Embrace the healing.

Child we’ve got you. These changes which ego retreats from in any manner, in fact hold the very greatest meaning and achievement for your souls growth.

Proof is in the pudding, today my clients and my time spent with them indeed showed me the proving time is essential….for my pudding was ever sweeter today.

With love brave one, we’ve got you.

Zowie xxx