Breathe, allow the immediate reaction…and now choose the reaction which loves you the very most


Dear Sweet Soul

Your human is fast.  The developed ego faster still.  Today occured an event of no great proportion, yet your ego reacted as if a tidal wave hit.

Your first reaction allowed, understood.  Expected.  Now then….breathe.  

Let your soul cradle you, soothe you….allow you to truly see that nothing major has altered.  Allow your fears and thoughts to wash away…let that be the tidal wave.

Souls reaction, darling child it matters not.  Leave it with them.  

Guaranteed peace sits with souls reaction.

The choice however is of course yours…

Now…love them from where they are at….and hand the pissed off emotion, the angry reaction back to ego.  To take it back to the experience or the person.  For today….nothing of great import has occured.

With love 

Zowie xxx