Resolve internal conflict, restore harmony


Sweet Friend

Let go of viewing the situation as troubled, and see yourself and others through the eyes of your Guardian Angels. This way, you’ll look past the surface and see the beauty and light that eternally shines within everyone.

By shifting your viewpoint to the angelic perspective, you become an Earth Angel.

Holding an elevated viewpoint sparks miraculous healing in all of your relationships.

Conflict drops away, revealing the clean and new truth about everyone and everything.

Peace of mind, balance and harmony restored.

With love for now, and always

Zowie xxx


Stay Focused


My sincere love and apologies for I have been called away these last few weeks.  I work in many ways, many capacities, and for many around the world.

Times for our humans are testing.  Testing in ways they have no comparison nor plan in place.  For that is a true test.  The collective energy is universal.  Humans fear, anxiety…sorrow.  Souls unity, solidarity….love.  Where there is dark, there is always light.  There lies our comparison.  Where there is dark, there will always be light.

I am beginning to engage once again with the Angelic Realm to bring their guidance to those crossing my path seeking their words, their love.

“They implore you keep focused.  Stay focused on your highest expectations as the Angels and the Universal energies work behind the scenes helping you to manifest your wants and needs, goals and desires”.

When the fears, worries and anxieties come to mind…allow them.  See them…be with them.  Then as you see them..question their presence..why are you here?  Remember the majority of our fears are created by humans ego, and are simply that…fears.  Most never coming to pass.  Once questioned why, administer it.  What do I mean by administer…literally that.  Imagine a virtual inbox, pending and outbox – you may even prefer real to virtual.  This could be written, or a voice note…or actual trays.  Work to your humans needs…it will lessen the egos hold.

So now administer each fear, worry, anxiety which has presented itself.  Is it actually real?  Yes…could be….No.  Inbox…Pending…Outbox.  Now deal with your inbox.  This should contain real events, emotions, actions that you create a plan for.  It is very likely that many of your fears…worries…anxieties…which crop up daily…maybe hourly…will deserve a spot in your inbox.  A couple may pop in pending…something definitely real but which you cannot deal with yet as the will of another holds the power here….most – straight in the outbox.

I find once administering the egos post of the day….egos presence mimicking a foreboding disciplinary review becomes likened to daily task setting with a colleague.

Challenge your human daily, especially in these times.  Question it.  Administer it.  Then listen to the Angels guidance for today and implement routinely…I’ll remind you of their words.

“They implore you keep focused.  Stay focused on your highest expectations as the Angels and the Universal energies work behind the scenes helping you to manifest your wants and needs, goals and desires”.

The Universe is responding to your Inbox my sweet friends…be mindful what you fill it with.

With love xxx





Stick or twist..

My sweetest friends,

Feeling like life is passing you by… Just may be it is.

Dial in. Stop the clock, the treadmill… Assess and evaluate and see how your truest self feels about your humans life…wondering if this is all you’re here for…or if this is it for you… We would say it’s time to live in your life. Stop being a spectator, we can promise you didn’t come here to view your human existence in this manner. Like a ball of steel in the pinball machine with the free will of others and universal circumstance pulling your levers.

You have free will. If the course you travel feels like you a being pulled along, you are. You do not have to be.

It will undoubtedly take great effort to seize choice, but it is there and it is yours.

And in this moment your ego will be screaming at the screen as to all the reasons you can’t, how life just keeps happening to you. How it isn’t your fault. You Zowie, messenger of spirit should be able to tell me it will all be ok…what I should do…how there is more for me, a light at the end of the tunnel, which as if by magic will just appear because I want it. Because I deserve it.

Me Zowie, messenger of spirit, is telling you exactly what you need to hear. Right now in this moment. So re read. Come back to these words later after you scoff, and return to your current life.

Then mull on this. If you are content and all is as it should be for your joyous moments of now….then stick. Don’t complain. You have chosen to stick. In love I speak as you well know.

If you are not content, then it’s time to twist. It may be one very small twist, one very small choice towards change, which grows and multiplies as you slowly and softly alter your thought pattern and thus your path, your life.

You came to this human life to learn and to realise lessons chosen by your spirit….and it didn’t include a magic wand which touches your forehead and magics the life you want when things are tough. Child your in the tough for a reason…so what will you choose. Stick or twist.

For now, with love
Zowie xxx

Hold your nose…be brave

My sweets friends,

You are swimming up stream. Clutching at the over hanging branch…scrabbling to find your footing. Fighting against the current.

Chuck me a surf board…might as well give that a try also.

There are times…that the universe sweeps in. That collectively we receive guidance that is apt to us all at once. Me included. So…here we go.

You are ready yet think you aren’t. You can do it but think you can’t. It will work but you think it won’t.

You’ve had many signs …many doors opened…yet you’ve teetered.

When you are that close and it’s so right and you’ve done all you needed to at this point in this incarnation…yet you may just not walk through the door which you intended and is meant for you….well then your spirit guides will work with the universe…. And you’ll find yourself being swept along with the current…things evolving, occurring and some may not seem ideal..yet others perfect.

Now it’s time to trust. Hold on…breathe…keep afloat….trust and know that all is occurring for your highest good and best self. We are only given what we need when we most need it.

Don’t worry if you can’t swim..spirit brings armbands.

The warrior in me, bows to the warrior in you.

For now, with love xxx
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