Child there are times when simply one must take ones head out of one’s arse…there is an untapped energy. Just ask my clients of today

Dear Sweet Friends

Child there are times when simply one must take ones head out of one’s arse.

Not all can be solved by sitting in self chatting with ego, whether it seems positive it is in fact wholely negative.

To lift self out and see clearly shine your light to work.

Light work. Setting light for all and everything in the universe.

For the power of such a task means the mind takes a huge backseat. In fact often not even invited on the journey.

Take and have faith in humanity as a whole and the future of our universe. Live your truths and express yourself with clarity, purpose and love, and be a positive light to others, today that means putting self last. Take ones head out of one’s arse.

Use your natural communicative and loving and caring skills to aid, assist and serve others in positive and uplifting ways.

Help another, others in anyway you cross paths today.

This and this alone will make true strides in what your soul seeks.

Love….And love from another…whether they be a stranger or not…is as powerful.

I’ll speak truth. This morning I woke and to be honest I did not feel like working.

There was no cause, no reason. A feeling. Clever ego…why, well I am making great grounds.

Bringing a consciousness to those who cross my path daily. Gaining a momentum once again. Followers across all spectrums rising.

My readings more and more accurate as time passes. Believe…I set a very high benchmark.

Yet ego decides to chuck in an off feeling. Don’t get too big for your boots, let’s pull back the new a tad. No biggy. Here is a shitty feeling to cloud your day, and go hide up your own arse.

No. I did not. I spent time across the world giving phenomenal readings. In Singapore, in the US and in Mexico.

Lighting a path for others who were sinking. Who have now been brought huge insight from their path on the grid. Insight their spirit self is happy for this soul to know. Your spirit self wishes success in every life time.

At incarnation simply the human you develope has a much louder voice than soul.

At the beginning of course. At the beginning.

Now, is my feeling still shitty. No, its euphoric.

Today I lit the path for others, that is truly delightful.

So harness your flame and go out lighting.

With love

Zowie xxx


Are you a Lightworker? Come see…

Sweet Light Filled Friends

Are you a lightworker…..of course you are but you may need a little convincing.

4 Things That Happen When You’re A Lightworker

You are NOT alone in this transition to a higher frequency and connection to the oneness of all. 

You are AWAKE and it is a very liberating experience.

Ladies and gentlemen, before we start with this article, I would like to ask you a simple question – are you a lightworker, or you know someone who is?

If your answer is yes, then please, show them respect and honor their abilities, because without lightworkers our planet would be much darker.

4 Things That Happen When You’re A Lightworker

1.) You Notice That You Don’t Fit In Any Type Of Class Or Group

First of all, you’ll notice that the feeling of being misunderstood is amplified.

Well yes, and you don’t feel like you belong “in this world”.

You just want to return “return home.” The things that were once easily tolerated are no longer.

Lightworkers have very little interest in the media and what other people buy into as “normal.” 

Spirituality becomes a way of life and there is no need to partake in any one religion or philosophy.

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2.) You Know Things (Without Anyone Telling You)

Lightworkers, you’ll notice that words no longer hold weight on their own. You feel deeply and you crave space for stillness, contemplation, mindful connection and meditation. You are moved to tears on a drop of a hat.

You also find that you cannot be in crowded places because you are well aware of energy and frequencies.

And yes, you begin to read and feel others without the exchange of communication.

Lightworkers tend to need seclusion and alone time to recharge their energies as they take on the vibrations of those around them. They feel release when their spiritual energies are cleared and cleasned. Their aura their own, without cords of others or remnant energies of situations and experiences.

3.) People Tell You Their Problems And Secrets – All The Time

They have an invisible thread to others.

As we said, Lightworkers have an open heart that is felt strongly, which is the main reason why people share secrets, problems, and personal stories.

Usually when they are finished, they will comment on how they’ve never shared these things with anyone before.

Lightworkers are always being exposed to the problems of those around them without judgment. They have the ability to listen and guide others through difficult moments while navigating with divine wisdom.

4.) They’re Not Afraid Of Death Or Dying

Death becomes a transition in the stage of life for Lightworkers. And, the real truth is that many lightworkers have had near-death experiences, diseases, and have overcome huge obstacles in their lives.

Their journey has allowed them to let go of the illusion that death is final.

There is an acceptance that life is transcendent.

And, one last thing – as a lightworker, your job is to have an open heart and a deep awareness to help others transition through these ever-changing times.

Lightworkers are showing the way for everyone, they carry the torch, holding the light of this planet in balance, they have come here to help the planet shift into higher consciousness.

They are extraordinary beings and they have come here to fulfill their lightworker mission.

Lightworkers carry this light within their soul to enlighten and illuminate the world. Most lightworkers are healers and how they heal things is completely up to them.

Well, some of them take on the role of teaching, energy or psychic healer, some do their work in subtle ways.

When a lightworker comes into the physical world, they sometimes struggle to find their light within.

Lightworkers forget their mission and purpose, often their light is put out altogether.

When their light is “on”, the lightworkers go on their journey of self discovery and try to heal them selves. But, unfortunately, when their light is “off, the lightworker beomes a darkworker and dwells in the shadow trying to find ways to start their light again. This often happens with experiences of trauma for their human, multiple traumas.

This is a very difficult procedure for lightworkers to go through, however when their light is shining bright again, they become powerful again and resume their mission.

And, one more thing – all lightworkers have different missions! 

But, their primary goal is to help people through their shadows and find their light. Most lightworkers are accountable for balancing the energy of fear with the energy of love. 

Lightworkers are great at manifesting and most often create things with just their thoughts.

They have special unique ability to heal and make everyone feel comfortable and safe.

They’re also very intuitive and have immense psychic ability!

And yes, lightworkers are also very sensitive to energy. You may come across a lightworker when you go through hard times or the time of your awakening, they help people realize their purpose in life.

It’s not your job to change anyone, but to accept their choices and bring forth the Divine light. The knowing of light and love and acceptance that individual paths are here to be walked, but that they never walk alone.

Your presence as a warrior of light is a major shift in consciousness and spiritual evolution. And, remember – you are not alone!

Welcome lightworkers, I bow to you.

With love and all the light in me

Zowie xxx