No matter. No malice.

Magnificent Lightworkers

No matter, no malice.

These words have sat with me all day. I have promised myself that I will post and communicate with the universe and all who inhabit naturally, organically.

What I mean…no pressure.

No timeframe or regular posting schedule.

No predetermined quest for wisdom.

No posting for postings sake. These of course are ego led standards….mine, indeed.

(Yours….I’ll guess at probably 殺 but that’s for you to question).

No format nor template. I intend to stick around having needed for my humans reasons and life events to dip in and out.

To remember the joy and wonder in what I do, not feel it a burden. There a little insight into Zowie for you.

Great Z, yadah yadah we follow you for guidance not your life story haha ;))))

So I shall get on with it.

No matter, no malice. These words said to me, through me, for me..whilst in conversation with another. The other, yep my other half. The one who walks with me in spirit.

OB-wan-knowbe (he self named in this minute) often weaves his way in and out of my senses, head…whole bloody being.  Glorious and annoying in equal measures.

When I get too far into my human head, he whips me back to my real. My reality.  Which is spirit enjoying a human experience.  In which I walk with spirit throughout. For service.

Anyway, light help me, he was right. In 4 words.

In fact a day of siting with these words will not scrape the surface. I’ll ponder more and actually bring them forward every day.

I knew they were for sharing today…and the sound of fingers drumming the table in front of me have now reached my last nerve.

Yes I am lucky, I am grateful…blah di blah blah. Trust me…if you lived with a siamese spirit twin, whose just told me he is far better looking than me! You would be driven round the bend. I digress. I’ll argue with said feline twin after this post.

To share these words felt complex to explain.

And I’ve just been told that is the point. The meaning can only mean something to someone when they are ready to work out their own meaning. 

To me…they mean thus.

Humans consciously evolve intentionally with other humans. Sent by their spirit self to do so.  Lessons learnt at far greater speed in this human matrix than in the alternate universe.

Connections and relationships formed. Emotions, feelings created. Egos at the ready.

Regardless of outcomes, souls truly lead, humans learn.

Let’s repeat.  Souls truly lead, humans learn.

Ultimately spirit evolves, grows and ascends further within and without.

When upon thinking… human no matter, no malice prevails.

No matter the event, or the actions one looks on the other with no malice. It no longer matters, and there is no malice attached to this emotion.  You, they, experienced.  You, they, will learn or not.  You, they, will repeat the experience or not.  You, they, will evolve, ascend or not.

Once experienced, no matter. No malice.

Once experienced, ego will clutch and cling to the matter and malice.  Then my friend human is leading, soul is still.

Yeah….you see now why I sat with the words for the day.

When these words become intrinsic to your human a peace will preside.

People will spring to mind.  No matter, no malice.

Let’s see how you too sit with this.

With love xxx

Love and Light 💖

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