Nemesis called timeout…let’s not.

Dear delightful souls,
A day of rest and reflection.  A day of mindfully and consciously being within and seeing what’s truly happening for you.
Truly happening.  Reality and reality only.
For today your team in spirit will see you reading this card.  Directed by your whole spirit self, requested by this humans soul.
The book of nemesis has been drawn by ego from its book shelf.
Let’s help you pop it back up there.
Now re read the card.  You, we, us all house a nemesis. It is part of the human blue print to develop a personality and along with it an ego.  Like many would be leaders Ego requires an arsenal of tools.
Your beautiful soul has enough of a challenge in this humans life. Let us help you see clearly that one challenge we all face as part of our blueprint is that of fighting the bogeyman.  Nemesis will have us title it….ex, that woman at the school, the man from the shop, old school friend….etc etc etc.  Passing a title, allows your humans ego a pass to create tall thoughts and stories on this Nemesis.
Well, they are not the nemesis. You are.  Ego called timeout on you and any progress you are making….it got scared.  Remember it prefers what it knew. What it knows.  Not what your soul knows it be here for.
So yeah, timeout and threw in a few Nemesis to cloud your judgement.
So today we ask you rest and reflect.
We ask you see the reality.  The true happenings.
Smile and cast off the timeout.
With love xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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