DOUBT…ego’s favourite companion


Dear Darling Friends,

My spirit team and Angel’s collective bring guidance today.

Child you doubt.. This voice comes and goes, yet recently more and more persistent.

We say this.

At the time it felt right….You weighed it up.

Your gut, your instinct, your intuition, your higher self, your guides, angels…it may have been one or all.

Matters not. For all are one and the same, divine light and immense love.

A sense. A ‘soul sense’ said it’s ok.

Minutes…hours, even days pass…And now you wonder and contemplate if it was ok.

Likely a trigger was pulled, often the pistol shown by another…but we pulled the trigger.

Their ego displeased with how your human made their human feel….and so….they part their clothing and simply give sight of the pistol.

And your eyes are drawn. Maybe it stops there…well bloody done. Your intuition, soul got in front quick.

Maybe you reach for the pistol…and maybe the trigger….

In a puff of cloying negative energy, doubt shrouds us.

Welcome to the voice of ego.

That is the way to first identify this voice, it comes through with the overwhelming feeling of doubt.

Impending fear. Strong enough for you to pause. To stop. To double check, overthink….to critique.

Of course this occurs.

Ego senses true change, you’ve gone further with your new than it ever expected.

And….Ego fears any change. Much rather stick with what it knows best…no matter what.

And so doubting…is part of human incarnation, something you are meant to experience.

Yet to ‘overcome’ not ‘succumb’.

Be shame to chuck the towel in my glorious friend, what a difference you began to make…

It was Ok then, so don’t doubt now.

Give the pistol back. Unclick the pause button which doubt had a firm hand upon.

Hit play and continue your journey, walk the road in forward direction.

All roads hold bumps.

With love, today this beautiful fresh start.

Zowie xxx


Your road intends you overcome, not succumb