Choose what you send to team ‘goes’

Sweet Friends

Today’s guidance comes lovingly from a collective of divine, a team of highly ascended Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel’s. Hear their words.

Child the saying goes..’What comes around, goes around’.. If you don’t love what comes at you, begin to choose mindfully what goes from you.

You can gloss over this guidance and continue to feel sorry for self…or you are ready.

When you are ready and you consciously become aware of the path you’ve travelled too date, and where you are headed….

You will have your eyes opened to the repeating patterns of events, reactions and behaviours.

What now do you do with this? Child we promise you this…it didn’t just happen to you.

As you follow me you’ll begin to see how I speak of your spirit self and this souls reasons for incarnation.

Yes many answers lie in the lessons you chose…yet as we always say… any intentional events are presented to overcome not succumb.

To overcome not succumb.

Many many things you create and keep on keeping on creating.

Oh do not worry that a daze or fog just crossed your mind…you can not understand in one moment with one card the key to your incarnation…But you can begin to question.

Today…..simply choose what goes from you.

It is this simple, for what goes from you will result in what comes back at you.

What you send out to team ‘goes’ is everything you need to be mindful of today.

Always attract the same type of love interest, you always feel judged by others, you don’t like how you look in the mirror……assess what keeps occurring for you. Assess in the reverse each of these instances…what do you send out to team ‘goes’.

This is pure manifestation.

With love, now and always

Zowie xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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