It isn’t always what you want…it will be what you need.

Sweet Friends…my calling card. My holding comfort and remind. To love and reassure. To encourage and hold your hand.

I sought this guidance after just finishing my last reading. It was 2 hours long, a #mediumship reading. She is in America and I in the UK with a 7hr time difference.

How I connect for a reading with deceased loves ones differs from a spiritual counselling session.

I invited in those spirits who came for her…..there were 3 immediately….then from the side I was ambushed by 2 others. Hahaha….it is quite the task meeting and deciphering messages from spirit let alone 5.

The reason for my post, is I battled with my feelings after this reading. Not all human lives are lived gloriously, and not all is known about loved ones before they pass. Sometimes people choose to leave this world earlier than there human body decides, and sometimes they leave so very much for those left behind.

I struggled because I always wish to make a difference in light and love in bringing spirit and humans together. I needed to read my own post….to realise in fact I actually had done just that.

For in acceptance of this tale, this story…your story…it is indeed love. Oneness. Our reason for being.
The light in me, bows to the light in you. In the coming days come back here and re read should you need to. You’ll feel an ease wash over you.
For now, with love xxx
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