My readings are via messaging…I do not need to see you, speak to you, or ask questions prior. Here I show you how most readings often begin…I describe your environment, what you see…smell…feel….that’s what they mean by my strong connection

Dear lovely friends

I have today been immersed in the land of spirit.  It has been a while since my day was dedicated to one on one readings.

Thank goodness I dived back in…I needed the reminder of the wondrous experience it brings others. Help, healing, advice, guidance…a chance to hear their very own spirit self guiding their soul in this lifetime.  I am honoured and grateful, I thank all of you that enable me to bring them through.

These slides show my typing in grey on the right, and my clients responses in white on the left.

I simply show you non personal information of the reading.  As we moved forward I identified why she wished for the reading, without being told first.

Then using my team in spirit we give to the best of our ability, in the time provided, a detail of what’s happened to date…..background as to why….and how to begin to overcome/change current lifes circumstances.  Then we give the detail of the future most needed.

There are many nuances to my readings, they are unique, and tailored to each human who chooses me.

Free will of others can and will impact outcomes detailed for the future….but as you follow me you’ll hear from clients the level of accuracy.

This is not a bragging exercise, I care little for that.

This is simply to share the love, and the knowing that there is more for you than our humans allow belief in.

Believe in the unbelievable.

With love for now and always

Zowie xxx