How to connect with spirit daily

Looking for confirmation that your Angels support your decision? Need or want validation your Spirit Guides are encouraging you? Wondering if your deceased loved ones know what’s going on in your life? Want to know how to connect with your spirits daily? Read on…

The Spirit World connects with us daily, and in this post, we’re going to go over a few ways how.

Once you know how the Spirit World connects to you, it’ll be easier to communicate with Spirit daily to create a harmonious, mutually beneficial relationship – one that blesses your life and blesses the lives of others.

Each and every one of us has a Spirit Team, including you, and in readings, Angels, Deceased Loved Ones, and Spirit Guides will often come through to showcase something called proof of support.

It’s so amazing to have the validation that the Spirit World knows what’s going on in our lives.

Thankfully, there are many ways the Spirit World lets us know they’re around outside of a private setting, such as in a reading.

In fact, the Spirit World is communicating with us all the time.

The Spirit World works hard to let us know not only that they support us, but that they’re aware of the events in our lives that they are working to support us on, through a variety of signs.

Once you become aware of the signs, it gets easier to get and understand communication to connect with your Spirit Team daily, and you’re bound to feel more supported, more connected, and more confident about your path.

Each sign the Spirit World uses to let us know they’re with us includes information on the area of our lives they are helping us with.

Below, we’ll go over the four most common ways your Spirit Team shows they support you and communicate with you daily. Also, what type of information we can get out of each of these messages.

This way, you’ll not only see the support, but you’ll understand what it means, and it’ll be easier to connect with your Spirit Team daily.

So let’s get started…there are many ways the Spirit World shows they support you and below are just a few.

#4. number signs

Numbers are one of the ways that we, as humans, organize the Universe. They can help us identify patterns, systems, and tap into specific wavelengths of energy. From heat to color to even your own name, everything is assigned a number.

So to say that numbers have meanings would be selling them short. Not only do numbers have meanings, but they also carry Divine weight.

Art, organized coincidence, and even music is arranged and harmonized through numbers.

The Spirit World then uses numbers to communicate their support and their messages to you, usually in the form of validation.

They do this by showing you repeating numbers, such as 111, 222, 333, 444, or 555. If you see repeating numbers in any series multiple times, specifically three times in a row or more, check it out. All repeating numbers can be decoded and interpreted.

While Numbers Signs are typically associated with the Divine Organizers known as Angels, do you have a loved one in Spirit who loved numbers? Perhaps they were a mathematician, accountant, or an engineer?

They too will use numbers to get their messages to you.

Number signs are harmless, so if anything, take them light-heartedly but meaningful.

If you see a lot of them, there’s no need to fear, just look it up and know that something, somewhere is nudging you to look right at that moment. I see number patterns daily, always pay heed…and they have always been on the money.

It could be your Higher Self or an Angel, either way, the Universe supports you, and numbers can help you discover in what ways and areas of your life in which you are being encouraged.

Each number can be whittled down to a single-digit meaning, via the art and science of Numerology. No matter what number sign you see, if you can get it down to a single-digit, you can find out what it is trying to tell you.

How to decode number communication:

Pay attention to what you are working on when you see it. Then look up the meaning of the number. That action will be specifically guiding you towards the direction the figure implies. Yes read the words that many have scribed…I find however one sentence will jump out at me and with knowing here I pay attention. I speak often of a reset in any moment and the art of consciously resetting throughout your day…week….etc

I find this is how I often reset. Realign. Redirect. Allow myself to Be and to trust that what I am doing within that moment is just right for me.

#3. all over body tingles

Whenever a group of spiritual people do readings for each other, body tingles is a sure sign of positive validation that whatever is coming through, is a yes.

If you get body tingles when you make a decision, or share information with someone and it is Divinely Aligned this is typically seen as a spiritual confirmation.

With body tingles, I’m not talking about the kind you get with low circulation here, I’m talking about an all-over wave of energy that moves through your body, and you’ll know it when you feel it.

This wave of tingles energy is often Angelicly delivered. It is one way that they’ll use sensation, known as clairsentience, to show their support or approval of a specific choice or statement.

I usually experience this one in readings, or my clients do when a message for them feels “right.”

How to decode body tingles communication:

When you experience this communication, just know, the Spirit World is supporting you that whatever was being said at the time can be relied upon. It’s ok, they are with you.

#2. hearing songs right when you most need guidance

Look up the lyrics next time this happens to you. Hearing a song right when you wake-up isn’t always just because it’s a catchy tune, it’s also one of the ways that your pets in Spirit and others in Spirit will get messages to you once on the other side.

Music is a universal language of communication because you don’t need words to convey emotion.

Pay attention to the way a song makes you feel, especially those that make their way into the ethers of your mind during the liminal time, when the veil is the thinnest. This is one of the techniques can Spirit communicate to you daily for guidance. It’s most common after the loss of a loved one.

How to decode musical communication:

Look up the lyrics. Songs can be a way that our Guides and Spirit help show support to you by sharing with you helpful guiding energy for the day, or by sharing with you a message they have from the Otherside.

I doubt you’ll need to decode. You will just know. Not only will the song make sense, it will likely trigger a memory between you and a deceased loved one. That your human can choose coincidence…or they can just accept it as it’s meant…a love song. A song to tell you, you are loved. They are very nearby. They haven’t left.

Goodness in all the years I have worked with spirit never have I simply called it a love song with music signs. Yet a love song it is.

Your connection with spirit, trust and level of abilities will see more and more come from music as you begin to simply allow and trust. I often am in my own world as I am driving along. The music is on. As you can imagine, theres quite the chatter in my head. Spirit…has worked hard to send me a love song. I’m in busy chatter land in my head…so said love song is ignored.

Thats when my guardian angel shows presence. Subconsciously my head will tilt slightly, my eyes glance. The song name will be seen by my eyes…and my ears will open. Message received.

Don’t worry. In my experience the love songs will keep coming…you’ll hear them more and more once you allow them. The impact greater and greater as you acknowledge and deeper subliminal messages will just be known to you. Welcome to claircognizance.

#1. unexpected gifts

The Spirit World often acts through inspiring others to give when needed and necessary.

Signs that Spirit supports you may include physical gifts such as an unexpected discount, a box of resources or food, or an unplanned boost in income right when you need it.

Our Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones often don’t want us to worry so they will, if possible, provide us with help through the assistance of those around us, who are often also divinely led.

Unexpected gifts are one way the Spirit World shows their support and confirms awareness of your situation.

Because unexpected gifts often come through others, it also showcases how the Angels of one person often works with the Angels of another to get things done. Spirit will often give gifts in the form of things we didn’t expect.

Spirits guide others to send us unexpected gifts because the one thing that will help us on our journey is usually the one thing we didn’t think to ask for!

How to decode unexpected gift communication:

Say thank you in advance for the gifts you are about to receive. Also, use the gifts you receive as a hint from the Universe to the elements of your path you may be missing, but need.

Often, in readings, Spirit will come forward to show tools a person needs for their path they weren’t considering. So if a gift comes out of thin air, hang on to it.

Don’t liquidate it immediately by giving it to someone else right away. It may come in handy six months down the line, as often our guide team gives us the resources we need well in advance.

Today I spent time physically with others. It is very out of character for me to work with spirit and others in my physical presence. I speak more if this a little further down….but gifts. Yes, each of received one. Each unique and individual and entirely unexpected.

So to recap, spirit connects with you each day by sending:

Number signs to illuminate what areas of your life are you being supported with now

Body tingles to show you what decisions the Angels are supporting and confirming

Songs as a hint at a nice guiding energy for the day

Unexpected gifts to meet the physical needs you have while you follow your Divine Path

Which one of these signs of support have you seen the most as a confirmation of your path?

Which type of Spirit World support and daily communication has been coming through for you lately?

Tune in with yourself and identify which form of confirmation above you receive the most then use this method to connect with your Spirit Team daily.

The more you strengthen your connection by paying attention to these methods of connection, the more often you’ll see and experience these signs of daily support from The Spirit World.

Your Spirit Team loves you, and in this article, we go over just a few ways how they showcase this daily.

Today those in my presence spent time with me and spirit. Yes as a Seer I was channeling messages for them, from deceased loved ones and their guides….and erm..mine too. Yet it was more, the room was small and the energy was palpable.

I am so very used to feeling spirit on my physical body that it is like blinking for me…yet the reactions from others physically feeling spirit on their bodies, making their presence known in a gentle and loving way….well its always wondrous. The shock, joy, disbelief..then it happens again..and the doubt and fear disappear.

They trusted because they had to. They had felt it. Coupled with so many evidence based words from myself.

So please walk with me in your daily lives. WalkswithSpirit.

It lightens the load.

For now, with love xxx