BE it.

My dearest Friends
Right now. Embody all you wish to BE.
For that wish is your spell for today.
This can occur as quick as flash, a bat of the eyelashes, and like taking a photo…you become your wish.  You may need a different approach.
Maybe your mind is incessantly chattering today…wow the topics if covers.  So your approach may need a bath, a shower…it may need a quick pop to the loo at work…you may need to scribe it on paper before your humans eyes.
There will be no better way. There is your way. 
Do it once…or multiple times.
You will be joined by my team, you will feel a quick zing.  Like a refresh…maybe a tap on head…maybe a quick tingle.  May be an emotion your mind would explain away…but you know it was us.
You are well protected in using this spell or for those confuddled or worried on my language…a mantra, a manifestation, a commitment, a chant….the words matter not. The energy action is absolute.
As with the other days spell, I’m pleased to hear the impact.
Blessings sent with love xxx