Update on Readings and Sessions

Dear Friends,
There are many of you who have made contact with me requesting details of my readings and Sessions…or knowing what you want and pressing for a date in the diary.
Firstly I am blessed and grateful for your contact and trust to bring spirit guidance to you.
Secondly please know I do not take lightly the courage it takes to reach out and that often you have waited in the wings before making contact.
I know you need the time with spirit and it may seem that in my lack of contact or reply that this is a sign or a lack of care and love on my part. It is not. I love and care for all souls. Each special.
To say there are many to respond to, puts it lightly. I work all over the world.
So hence the reason for my post.
I am working intensively and extremely hard developing a place where like minded spirits can join together at any time of the day, no matter where in the world, in a safe loving and kind space.
A place to interact, learn, ponder there own spiritual self, connect with others, develop…or simply feel safe in the connection and guidance.
This began as a small seed sown by my main spirit guide and an Ascended Master a few months ago. It has evolved and a few weeks ago I asked a question of my close followers if they would enjoy such a place.
The answer…a resounding yes…and some valid points and precursors raised.
I listened and have trusted my guidance, and what started as a small seed has become a budding Forrest! Well to me it seems as such…as I wrangle with coding and IT gumpf of which is certainly not my forte.
I know many have found already the members area I speak of and have tried to register…well done you. Don’t be disheartened….I will accept your request once the platform is ready for members to see it…grow it…and take us all on a new journey.
So back to the reason for my post….I care. I will in time respond to requests for readings, and if you still wish ..proceed with scheduling. For the time being I must focus and finish creating what has found it’s way into my path.
A members program with access for all, no matter.
In love xxx
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