Spirit Guide Reconnection Reading.

So …I can identify and introduce you to your spirit guides…your team in spirit.

The details of this reading can be found on my website…link in the bio. Click on the menu and choose Readings.

Now…you will have spirit guides which you chose prior to incarnation and they will not change.

Depending on your levels of spiritual connection you will either feel them or be oblivious and maybe a little in between.

Of course once your human births…your soul is new, born. It won’t remember it’s reasons for spirits choice for this lifetime. Not just yet …anyway.

Depending on your level of whole spirits ascension, you may in this lifetime at a certain point…experience an awakening. A Spiritual Awakening. Again..dependant on you level of ascension will determine how level of awakening in this lifetime.

And this will often be why you come across those like me…And others. For me…I live with one foot in spirit world and one foot in human world. Another story, another time.

So, yes there will be those who have no inclination or interest in their spirit guides…And that is there path and what is intended.

There will be some..ready to have their spirit team and the soul link in this lifetime…still with me…(don’t worry that forum I promised is on its way…where more can be spoken of here)..

Now…back to identifying them…Some will be with you this whole lifetime. Yet your team will evolve depending on your current…And future needs.

So Yukari found that 4 guides from her last reading were no longer with her….for they had done their job. She had been joined by 3 new guides.

Collectively…each one had a unique message and point they wished to get across to her.

And it was a damn fine pleasure…amazing and as always even I am in awe.

6 of them each unravelling her current life and each with her for an area…And guidance. And guide they did.

I’m sure as Yukari digests she will share for you as she always does.

Believe in humans unbelievable.

In love xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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