Thursday 28th February 2019


The degrees of freshness and impact depend on your humans choice.

What are we speaking of…this freshness? Well ego will quickly throw up a handful of sand to blind the eyes. Why? Change child. We speak of change, new beginnings.

There is a fresh start, a new beginning being presented to you. To which you can take an easier or more extreme choice.

In reading this card there will be no surprise it has found you.

If you are simply only ready for a fresh breath. Then own this breath. Take yourself out into nature….that spot of extreme quiet, peace where soul leads. And breathe. And allow this fresh breath to ensure you take a fresh new clean view on things as they are now. Then make choices.

There is a blank fresh sheet of paper on the cards for you from your Angels.

Embrace this fresh opportunity. Trust the timing and allow the new. The experiences and people coming your way.

Angels know that change is a fearful prospect for humans ego, and they surround you now with loving energy.
Ask them for help and guidance when new comes knocking. They will walk with you, lift you, encourage and make things seem almost easy in your new fresh opportunites.

Today your team in spirit and Angels ask you to trust. To take a fresh look at your current and your new and to embrace. Allow them to help you see clearly with eyes of soul not fear of ego. For what has once gone cannot be undone. Yet what’s to come can be done indeed.

Be Brave and trust. Call upon Angels and then allow your fresh start to join your day. “Dear Angels please surround me in comforting love and guide me through the new beginnings and fresh start that I am now willing and ready to embrace. In love I thank you.” In love xxx

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For those who kindly follow me regularly for guidance and also for those who have contacted me via DM and email for readings… apologies…..I have been working intensely with an organisation.

I will over the next coming days be returning to one on one clients and also replying and booking new sessions.

All my love