Spirit career guidance


Her full words..

“I have had readings where I was cheated and scammed but believed that there was someone out there who could help me! I came across @walkswithspirit Zowie last year when she had the walkswithfire account and I didn’t get a chance to get in touch with her then, however, my intuition led me to search for her again this July (when I most need her guidance) and I found her!! I was so excited when I managed to schedule a reading with her. During our spiritual counselling session, we focussed on my career (on my request) and she mentioned things that only I ever knew happened to me!!😱 Things that I’ve never mentioned to anyone, not even my best friend -it gave me chills every time I read our chat history of the session- she knew exactly what had happened!! Her advice was tailored to questions I had in my head but never asked her, she knew what I was looking for and I truly resonated with all the advice given to me; the steps I should take to get where I want to be in my career. I know I got the best advice I could get to help me move forward in my career! Thank you so much for our session Zowie! I know I have many more questions that need answers in other areas of my life and now I feel safe and confident to come back to you for more guidance. I know I will get genuine answers and advice I need the most. Will definitely keep you updated on how things go 😊 I am optimistic and feel good about the path ahead after coming to you. Thank you so much again! Lots of love and blessings ☺☺❤”

She’s since sent me further feedback…And found the roles we directed her to seek…So things are going from strength to strength for her 🙌

With love xxx
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