Why can’t I see them though???


Not everyone knows “what to do” when they die to start getting everyone’s attention.

So naturally, people (dead) think back themselves to all the ghost movies, stories, plots and pilots they’ve ever seen over the years. Or remembering tales shared of occurences that others have experienced when being visited.  Then they choose their favorite parts, to try and recreate and do.

Some settle more on a Patrick Swayze style haunting, and others, more a Casper, gigglesome type-style. Then some other, more wild ghost-personality types, will take their cues straight from the movie Beetlejuice.

Most mix it up and try a bunch of things, noting whatever ‘sticks’ and then continuing to expound on that, perfecting their craft.

In other words, things can get pretty wild.

It’s for this reason that whenever I have a close friend or family member  die myself, I’ll brush up on my old ghost stories or typical signs or if brave enough, films I’ve seen…. just to make sure I get all the wacky signs, and that don’t accidentally trick myself into believing it’s something more sinister when it’s not.

Friends who die far too early are often known for being over the top anyway – so why would this quality about them end in death?  And guess what…if someone was so important in your life when human….they will want to be important and ‘known’ once in spirit…things don’t alter quite as much as you thing.

From spirit my Mum still manages to help me make impulsive purchases…yup! She says.

When deceased friends or family visit, remember they are primarily doing it to hang out, have a good time, boost your mood, or perhaps: to ask you a favor.
So naturally, they’re going to want to lighten your mood first so you’ll be more receptive to their presence, or in the last case: butta ya up a little first, by doing something bold, wild and blatant, like:

– Opening your back door after dark (or just make it sound like it did), make creaking noises upstairs like someone is walking, tapping on your windows from the outside, knocking around pots and pans in the kitchen, etc.

– Act like a Poltergeist. Make things fly off walls, drop out of mid-air, turn on lights, move objects, transform into other forms, flicker lights, etc. Anyone can do this. But friends and uncles/brothers like to act this way most.

– Blow multiple lightbulbs in a week – and that’s not all. Some will explode other electronic items, glassware pieces, you name it: if it can be shattered or shorted . . . it can be done.

It’s not just Earthbound Spirits that will do this. I’ve seen regular spirits do it, if they deem it harmless, if it’s been passed by your guides first, and if it’ll get your attention. They’ll try whatever works if it’s important enough.

– Push a door open, then stop it dead swing like someone is holding the door ajar with a kick stop. The second action is the most necessary (the stop-hold mid-swing), but it’s for a purpose: then you can’t blame it on the wind or the fan, or on a slantly floor, in an old house. All common debunking themes, which can’t really be validated when a swinging door – just stops. Stops short.

– Encourage you to go shopping, and come home with crazy outfits. Or put other fun ideas into your head, music typically, especially if you are feeling bad. And especially if you are feeling bad about your friend dying or the fact that friends die, period.


Honestly, I’m impressed with all my families talents so far…..one wanted me to make contact for him just yeaterday.  So he decided to play the same monotonous guitar playing relentlessly that he could muster by chas and dave.  I have no idea if he could or even did play ‘chas and dave’ ‘rabbit rabbit rabbit’ song in real life….but thats what he chose…and yeah…drove me up the wall.  Baring in mind Ive not been in communication for 6 months….he did well.  Or shall we say….irritated the crap out of me til I text his girls.

So I need to ask him to take a bow, honestly, for being a great example here of what’s possible when friends/family die.

Everything listed here I have experienced.  In both spirit and earthbound spirits…there is a difference.

I’m sharing it with you here so that when crazy things start happening to you after a friend or someone special of yours dies, you’ll check yourself from thinking it’s something scary. That’s the least of your worries.

So if you are receiving signs like any of these listed above, but still can’t see the visiting person as a fully body apparition, stop: please don’t hate on yourself about this!

Why can’t I see them tho???

The most commonly asked question people ask me when they’re receiving plentiful signs, signs ‘o plenty, but they still haven’t seen their ghost. I mean, isn’t it enough already? Are you not already impressed? That’s what I want to know.

But alas, the seeing of the ghost is a choice the ghost themselves must make. Like, it’s not about you, okay?

Whether or not they use their energy to appear. That’s their choice. Not all do, not at first, anyway.

When a spirit comes to earth, think of it like they have an oxygen tank.

They can refill it at anytime, but for each visitation: they get one tank per.

So spirit people have a certain amount of energy in each of their visitations to use on whatever. But then once it’s gone, it’s gone. Then they have to go back and get more oxygen and isn’t that a bore. It’s like going to the Wawa.

So . . . some will opt to use their oxygen on sending more clairaudient messages instead, or for producing more elaborate physical signs, for visiting more people in shorter periods of time, for picking things up and getting them to fly off the wall and at your face (that’s an elaborate sign), for sending you text messages from beyond the grave, and so on and on.


Many spirits will in fact opt to not (their own free will choice) use their precious oxy on producing a full body apparition, at least not right away, mainly just because it’s viewed as a huge waste of energy that could be spent on other things more fun, engaging and dynamic: like visitation dreams, clairaudient messages, learning how to make stuff levitate, fly at your face…. you know 😂

My brother is very new to hearing and learning about what I do…and have always done.  He is starting to ask more and more…

He is also starting to experience more and more….after seeing me yesterday…he said that in the passenger seat of his car…his glove box which is only touch sensitive…just kept flinging open….and no one was anywhere near it.  Clever Mum I say….

With love xxx