Psychics and Mediums biggest fear…and it’s not what you think

Screenshot_20180606-224840_GoogleA lot of people think that the hardest part about being a medium is having to see dead people everywhere.

It’s not.

But for most mediums, having to deal with Spirits and all the drama that comes with that is not the major drawback to going into the profession.

Social-related fears override spirit-related fears any day.

I know that most mediums will tell you that they don’t care what a skeptic thinks – but a perspective like that can take years of critical emails from complete strangers, nasty comments on facebook, and weird glares at social gatherings to develop.

It can take a whole lifetime of experiences to get you to a place where you are okay being where you are – and this holds true for mediums.

Many mediums begin as skeptics only to have their minds changed after years of repeated proof of the Afterlife.

At first, I was a skeptic, too . .

I was a skeptic of myself.

It took me doing over 100 of my own readings before, I, myself even dared to say,
“Okay . . .there must be something to this.”

At heart, mediums are humans and we want these things:
And Belonging

For things to make logical sense for that is how we have been grown as human beings.

Even though we do something that’s not yet considered 100% a social norm (we’re trying to change that), we deserve these things just as much as any other person.

We fear that our abilities will not allow us social acceptance.
We want love, belonging, and connection as much as anyone else – and deserve it as all humans.

It doesn’t have to be that mediums are considered outcasts, or even weird.

Human life brings twists and turns which see us once again question that there could even be spirit in the universe…we too will latch on to disbelief when times are tough and seemingly unfair.  That if spirit were real these experiences in human life wouldn’t occur.

Of course we know deep down that there is a much bigger picture and we are living a human experience that our very spiritual self signed up for….lessons to be learnt and often only learnt in extreme and often painful times.

We too as humans will latch onto doubt and fear that what we do….chatting or seeing or feeling spirit…guides or angels…isn’t real.  That skeptics we should have remained for they knew all along…

Well our paths will see us stand the course.  Spirit may quiet and Spirit may still while your human catches the break it needs….they’ll show up soon enough.

You can help change this.
When you encounter a medium, rather than:
Backing away slowly
Immediately telling them why you don’t believe in their whole existence
Fearing that they are going to start reading you (we rarely ever do that, you know)
. . . just take a deep breath.

We’re likely not going to start rattling off the ghosts we see around you, nor are we planning to attack you back for not believing.
That’s not even compassionate or kind.

We’re just like you and our job is kind of cool.
And if you gave us a chance, we’d love to tell you all about it.

Of course post your experiences and comments below….

With love xxx