Signs you are Clairaudient….


Clairaudience is the intuitive ability of clear hearing.

Clairaudient ability can begin to open up at any time in your life, from birth until death. Clairaudience is the ability to clearly hear those in Spirit, speaking to you externally or internally, meaning, you can hear Spirit speak to you in your environment or within your own mind. Many clairaudients are already using their abilities without even knowing it.
If your clairaudient abilities are beginning to open up, you may notice ringing in your ears, changes of pressure in your ears, such as popping or buzzing noises or you may begin to hear voices.

how do you know it’s real?
Clairaudience is more than having voices in your head.
The main differences between being clairaudient and having a mental illness are quite clear. While clairaudience and mental illness can both consist of voices within the head – the similarities stop there. Clairaudient mediums can learn to control these voices. Spirit voices tend to not be constant, but instead, are more brief and to the point. Spirit voices tend to engage in a genuine dialogue with you, answering questions that you have and providing feedback. Spirit voices generally do not prevent functionality nor do they suggest harmful behavior.

Spirit voices are gentle, safe, rational (often more rational than your own) and usually quite compassionate. With clairaudience, you also have the gift of clear speaking, meaning you can speak, share and channel the messages you hear from Spirit to others.

Clairaudience can begin to manifest in a variety of ways and there are a few signs you naturally have this ability.
9 Signs You Are Clairaudient
You have a tendency to talk to yourself.
You frequently troubleshoot, think of replies you would give to certain scenarios, calm yourself down and talking to yourself after a stressful event. If the solutions and replies you are getting are calming, clear headed, and thoughtful, this is a sign that the other participant in the conversation is Spirit and you hear them clairaudiently.
you give profound advice.

If you sometimes give great advice, yet afterwards, you have no idea how that fantastic speech just came out of your mouth – this is a sign that Spirit gave you the words. Spirit can speak through you, as you speak aloud what it is they say. Same thing if it’s written.
You’re already a practicing comforter.
Your livelihood and profession is to give calming, centered advice. Therapists, counselors, nurses, coaches, anything where a main role of your life is involved with calming, stress diffusing advice, suggestions and guidance. Very likely that these words are coming from Spirit Guides and Angels and coming through you, without your knowledge. This is why sometimes the advice seems so perfectly tailored to what that person needed at that moment.

You hear ringing or buzzing in your ears a lot.
It tends to come on very quickly and dissipate after a few minutes or seconds. This is often a signal that Spirit wants your attention or is giving you important information.
you hear whispering, noises, talking, radio in the distance.
This is often Spirit generated speech, especially if there is no known physical source of the speaking. If it bothers you, ask those in Spirit around you either speak up to tell you what they want or ask them to pipe down so you can go to sleep.
You hear knocking, footsteps, creaking noises.
This is actually a sign that you can hear the movement of Spirit around you.

If you’ve ever been in the same room with someone, and thought they said something, but when asked, they say, “no, i didn’t say anything.”
If this is happening to you a lot, it’s a sign you’re hearing Spirit.
Sudden inspiration or ideas that just come to you, often in full detail – while you’re driving, showering, or doing otherwise mundane tasks.
Surprise! These mundane tasks are often considered meditative quiet time for Spirit, and the perfect time for those who support you, to give you ideas and solutions to your problems. When you wonder internally, “Man, I’m not sure what to say to this person here. I don’t know what would be the best thing to say.” Then later on, the perfect words have come into your mind out of nowhere – it was likely those Spirits of yours helping you out!

You hear messages that sound like they were delivered just for you.
On the radio, on television or with spoken word, you often catch messages delivered from your Guides and Angels through another human vehicle. Spirit can make the world around you just a bit quieter and help you hone in your focus to deliver a message just for you. If this focused hearing happens a lot, it’s a sign Spirit is trying to speak to you.

Whenever you hear something, either internally or externally, without a physically explainable source – it’s likely Spirit oriented and being that you have a Spirit within that physical body of yours, it’s no surprise you can hear it.

This list is just a few of the many signs you may have clairaudience. If you need help understanding if your experiences are related to intuitive abilities or otherwise, ask a medium, shaman or spiritual professional for help deciding. They will not dismiss your experiences.
When you go, make sure to treat them with respect. Gifted physical healers (medical doctors) rarely donate their services, spiritual healers are not obligated to do so either. There will likely be a rate for their valuable time.
With love xxx