Today’s Reminder

Today’s Reminder

Dear Friends

Be mindful. If it sounds like clap trap, if you find yourself googling words and terminology that another spouts….then trust it’s simply spouting.

Those in divine I work with are straight forward and simple in their messages.

Fancy dreamed up words and practises you hear people peddling…thats a human invention made up of the intangible, and disprovable to make the human egos feel important….annnnnnndd spiritual.

Nah uh. Nope. If its sound like clap trap – it is.

Today, I stand by spirits loving and straight talking.

So friends be mindful of all things spiritual. Be mindful of your readings and learning, of the sources.

If it’s real it will show itself. If its not it won’t.

With love

Zowie xxx


Today’s Reminder

Kneel in offering, not in begging ūüôŹ
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Today’s Reminder

10th June 2020

Today’s Reminder