Assert. Once grounded. Which here I will help you with, let’s reset your root.

Dearest kind friends

Today guidance for you comes from an animal spirit guide of mine, and for today, yours.

Eyes forward with assertive intent.  Paying no heed to all the reasons others…your ego tell you thou shouldn’t.

Thou should.  Today drive forward.  Speed matters not.  Your pace will be helped by your own guides.

How can I help, with the grounding of course.

Sooooo many speak of grounding.  It is more than a word.

To a degree you can help yourself. But today you do not have to.  I, we, will help.

As always take a moment when the moment is not snatched.

Use the gravity and the earth planet around you.  Say what now?  Ha ha.  Upright with bare feet planted on the earth. Ideally nature outside, yet if meaning feet shall freeze…well not helpful.  In this case plant feet on the closest natural substance you can. Wood…brick…sand…concrete…you get the idea.

Lift the toes of each foot and slowly plant them on the ground.  Making that connection. Repeat this until you feel content.

Close your eyes. And breathe for me. In and out for the count of ten.  Focus your attention on your pelvic area.  Here we are now resetting your root.  The spiritual energy centre which is responsible for your connection to your grounding and setting with planet earth.  We will ensure its turning at optimum.  It is likely as your lower half grounds the head will feel flighty.  Airy. Maybe slightly dizzy.  This is OK. When it becomes too much, like the lower body and upper body are separating…slowly bat the lashes open.  Breathe in. Breathe out.

Now assert yourself.

Enjoy my sweet friends.

With love xxx

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Love and Light 💖

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