Attitude of Gratitude, not words of platitude

Greetings Dear Friends

Walk into your day very well.

‘Attitude of Gratitude’.

Drop the mike 🎤.

Anyhoo…yeah yeah Zowie…all bloomin week you’re telling us, be thankful. We get it.


Uh huh.


No …you do absolutely not get it.

Saying thankyou, yet not being thankful.

Acting Kind, yet not being kind.

Pretending loving nature, yet scorn sits behind the surface.

Confused….yeah the universe too.

Time to work on you, all of you. Check yourself out and check in.

You muddy your very own waters even more so with mixed messages.

Greater benefit would be felt matching your energy and thoughts to your actions and words.

What do I mean…

Well, if you do not like someone, don’t act like you do.

If you don’t feel kind, don’t act it.

Your ego will struggle with this. Of course it will, taken quite the time to develop such a great skill.

What an amazing mask created you have….but a mask it is. And fake it is. Confusing it is. Suffering of you ultimately it is.

Souls and spirit do not have a word for pretend.

Why would we… You are what you Be.

The muddiness of confused fake human presenting dual messages to the universe will result in your human receiving odd, fake, intangible messages from the universe. 🎤

Now we ask you take moments of being. You have dropped the Mike on your human, called it out.

Change can happen right now. You wish and plead the Universe gives you delight, gives you help in areas of want….then we suggest you start clearing your waters.

We receivith what we giveith.

Walk into your day with an ‘attitude of gratitude’…the choice of attitude and your humans approach is entirely yours.

Child take down the mask, for its quite ugly.

With love

Zowie xxx


You hold the power to over come your stress and anxiety. A Sunday is a perfect time to make time.

Sweet Sunday Friends

Instead of wrestling with our past or tangling our thoughts with the unknown details of the future….today let’s choose discipline.

Disciplined to simply be present and conscious in your very moment. This moment. Let’s be present in your moment.

Be disciplined at being present in your moment.

With our awareness rooted you are more likely to feel an increase in positive energy and feelings of well being…your very own weapon against stress and anxiety.

For now in this moment you have so very much to be grateful for, proud of, happy within. Yesterday and tomorrow hold invite onlys…and only you hand out the invite.

Today be disciplined.

I will be disciplined.

Let me know how you fare.

With love

Zowie xxx


There will come a point when darkness is too dark…now seek light. Angels come to help you.

Dear Friends

There are many types of dark places. From black holes to shadows in varying degrees of darkness.

Today I sat with me team in spirit. They wished me to bring forth the following guidance.

They wish to bring your attention to the grey.

Not all can be accomplished or tackled quickly. But, there is much you shy away from that you can indeed tackle. Seek the light, and damn well switch it on.

Look for the light….it’s there.

Can’t see it…call upon us child and ask for Angels to point you in the direction.

For egos choice or version of light isn’t always the real and true light, you may need some enlightening. And that just fine, its why we came.

You can’t choose your variation of light suiting ones humans needs right now.

There is that grey area, which walks next to you like an omnipresent cloud. Shows itself time and again, yet always there. And you know it.

Then every now and again it rumbles. And ensues a downpour.

Don’t worry you are not alone. Same thing happened to me this week. This particular grey cloud has been with me for at least 2.5 years.

I have seen it, ignored it, fought it with dodge games, tried egos attempt to beat it.

Yet never shone the light on it. Never seen why its there, and why intact I welcomed its presence and allowed it to walk with me.

Seems…although a huge area of anxiety for me, it being removed meant an acceptance and moving forward that my humans ego decided wasn’t right for me.

Well humans ego is and was wrong. But only this week have I, my whole spirit self (human and soul) been ready to shine a light on what really is occurring.

No games, no dodging, no anger towards the situation arisen.

Light of loving questioning, reviewing and understanding shone. Light of tools to decide do I wish this stay with me, or is it time for this grey cloud to leave me.

Now, and only now was I ready.

And so be it. I asked for help.

It is now done.

And goodness me, what a weight has been lifted.

Even disbelief I allowed such a cloud near me…let alone for 2 and half years.

As I speak of many times, and what I uncover with my team in spirit during spiritual counselling sessions ….we chose this humans path for many reasons of learning. That is why it walked with me. Ultimately it was meant to. How long it stays, how it repeats my whole self’s choice.

So if you wish help, you need help for light to be shone upon your dark space. Then my team bring Angels through and for your way in which to request help.

Step towards the light it will lift you and allow seeing more clearly.

Shine your light on your dark spaces

‘Dear Angels working for my spirits highest and greatest good, please show me the much needed light to aid me in these moments right now, to help me release this area of stickiness which has now become too much for me……(name your area of choice)…in love and in light, please shine the light bright and lead me by the hand. Release me from this dark area, take it away and return me the light to know now how to deal with (repeat and name area) Lovingly I thankyou’

So Be It.

With love

Zowie xxx


Child there are times when simply one must take ones head out of one’s arse…there is an untapped energy. Just ask my clients of today

Dear Sweet Friends

Child there are times when simply one must take ones head out of one’s arse.

Not all can be solved by sitting in self chatting with ego, whether it seems positive it is in fact wholely negative.

To lift self out and see clearly shine your light to work.

Light work. Setting light for all and everything in the universe.

For the power of such a task means the mind takes a huge backseat. In fact often not even invited on the journey.

Take and have faith in humanity as a whole and the future of our universe. Live your truths and express yourself with clarity, purpose and love, and be a positive light to others, today that means putting self last. Take ones head out of one’s arse.

Use your natural communicative and loving and caring skills to aid, assist and serve others in positive and uplifting ways.

Help another, others in anyway you cross paths today.

This and this alone will make true strides in what your soul seeks.

Love….And love from another…whether they be a stranger or not…is as powerful.

I’ll speak truth. This morning I woke and to be honest I did not feel like working.

There was no cause, no reason. A feeling. Clever ego…why, well I am making great grounds.

Bringing a consciousness to those who cross my path daily. Gaining a momentum once again. Followers across all spectrums rising.

My readings more and more accurate as time passes. Believe…I set a very high benchmark.

Yet ego decides to chuck in an off feeling. Don’t get too big for your boots, let’s pull back the new a tad. No biggy. Here is a shitty feeling to cloud your day, and go hide up your own arse.

No. I did not. I spent time across the world giving phenomenal readings. In Singapore, in the US and in Mexico.

Lighting a path for others who were sinking. Who have now been brought huge insight from their path on the grid. Insight their spirit self is happy for this soul to know. Your spirit self wishes success in every life time.

At incarnation simply the human you develope has a much louder voice than soul.

At the beginning of course. At the beginning.

Now, is my feeling still shitty. No, its euphoric.

Today I lit the path for others, that is truly delightful.

So harness your flame and go out lighting.

With love

Zowie xxx


Angels come to help you tend…for free with a short meditation

Dear Nuture needing friends


Tend…take some time upon seeing this sign today to make and take time to tend to you.

Lots to do and you are on a roll….or need to pick myself up and can’t seem to..

Either way matters not. To tend is greatly needed and allowed.

It be can whatever suits your soul. It may be a walk, or to sit in nature, maybe to cook, to read a book, or watch a film.

You get the gist.

I will meditate with my team in spirit. I am told Angels in collective will too join, and welcome all and any who wish to join.

It will matter not when you find this free gift. They will come to all and any in any time or space.

If you are reading this post the audio for the free meditation is accessed via my website. So please read the article there.

The new audio link below.

It is short…just 7 mins.

When you have made Your time to tend and wish to use the piece my guides and I came up with….then please do.

You will feel us and the unique connection we bring for Angels to reach you.

Sit or lay…eyes closed….with headphones preferably…breathe in and out…and allow our peace to tend you. For its free.

I teach many my unique style of meditation and bringing your connection to spirit closer to you. The comments received after are always amazement. Here you will experience a tiny piece of how amazing it truly can be when the channel is opened.

Let us know how it goes for you.

With love

Zowie xxx


Simply Be

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