Saturday 16th February 2019


You know you are doing it. You read about altering your thoughts and yep you’re in. Then even 5 mins later….in they creep.

I work daily with Archangels, not something I have spoken about in the past. This I will now begin to alter as the path evolves.

It was a surprise to me that Archangel Metatron entered my communications…it isn’t a common occurence of the moment.

When I am working in Akashic Records, then his presence is regular for he is the gatekeeper….so a few signs for me also. If you’re not coming to me…I’m coming to you. Fair play. Also …Zowie….begin offering services within Akashic Records once again.

Now…what is the purpose of this card for those reading it today.

As I say….you’re not quite succeeding in altering the thoughts you are having. Trying not doing.

Please now take the hand offered by Archangel Metatron. He will lift the load. Wipe the thoughts. Help, guide and soften in love. He can be with all and everyone simultaneously so do not worry he will not come, he simply needs that you ask.

Depending on your current spiritual platform, you can do this in many ways. I would suggest if you truly intend….Then intend and do it with conviction.

Put aside some time. Time to be still. To be quiet. To be with you. Music…lighting…all your choice. What ever settles and soothes your human.

Be laid, or seated or standing. Matters not.

Close the eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. Taking conscious breaths in and out. Giving time and love to you. As you breathe know that you are allowed. That you deserve, that you are.

As you begin to settle and connect with the energy within and around….using your voice in your head…call upon Archangel Metatron.

Not many words. Just call him, over and over again….when you naturally stop…simply ask for your thoughts that hurt you be taken away. Removed. Replaced with thoughts of love and serving your soul and highest self. Just thinking this once is all that’s needed. Then stay here….and feel and sense.

He will make his presence known to you and will use your senses to show this. Some will see a flash of light behind the closed eyes….it may be small and sudden. Some may feel a tingle on the head or on the shoulder as if a loving hand has been laid. Or it may be a smell of herbs or grass.

Have a go….what have you got to lose.

In love xxx