Spirit know when you need a pause…


We are spirit encompassed in a human experience.

Your connection with self will takes twists and turns and tangents from left to right…forwards and back.  At times feeling highly elevated with your spiritual oneness, at other times feeling disconnected and entirely human trying to understand why courses of events occur, to you…to others.

Regardless of your level of ascension and spiritual awareness or development, know this.

Your team in spirit never leaves you.  No one human has less or more of a team than another.  All are loved. All are never left nor dropped nor alone.

Your team however will be very aware of your human course and at times will hit pause.  They will just be.  Be with you.  Neither pushing nor dragging you into spiritual communications or understandings.

They will know you need time.  Time.

Of course depending on your level of spiritual development it will appear as if they are not even there.  Of course this will be your humans choice and either an intentional or unintentional blocking.  There are some who are developed to hear, see and feel spirit and no matter your teams rigid rules around others contacting you.. well some spirits if they feel their need is urgent enough…will break through.

I will write a post explaining my most recent experiences during my time of pause and reflection.

So today if you feel disconnected, if you feel entirely human and almost a little lost and helpless…then know with a deep breath you simply are not.  That at times spirit hits pause.  Allowing you to carry you.  That you need time to reflect and pause and likely heal….the pause will see you realising what one may have been running from or hiding from.  That the need to share self and lift and carry others….in fact needs a pause.

So spirit pauses and says ‘do you, we do not leave you, do you in this moment and we will join you’.

We are often given what we most need during a time on a path we chose to walk.

With love xxx