Your reading far more accurate than I expected….

Sweet Friends

I hope you are having a delightful day.  I have been blessed reading for others in the world.

It seemed timely to give a little insight in how I work.

I am based in England, yet I read for clients all over the world.

All of my readings are via text, either using WhatsApp, DM on instagram or if appropriate to the reading via email.

I never ask any details prior to a reading. Not name, date of birth, where you live. I don’t need to.  I never ask for photos. In fact the least I know the better.

Generally our first communication relates to appointments and time zones and getting them to marry. I’m not always so great on the time zones 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️  I will also simply need to know what type of reading you wish for.

How I prepare for a mediumshop reading or an akashic record reading for instance will be very different.

Then we go from there.  Most times myself and my team in spirit identify why you’ve come to us….

I am very lucky to have many loyal clients who read with me time and again.

Troy today is in Canada. He has read with me before a couple of times. Today he came back.

The fact people return gives you confidence I’m sure.

As we reached the end of his 2 hr session….yes long but you would amazed how much I cover in 1 hour alone….this is what he said.

Believe in the unbelievable, it could be the making of this lifetime.

With love xxx