Mercury Retrograde Feb 2020

Sweet Friends,
I send love with my words today as always, I truly hope you are well. If you are not well, please take care. No, I do mean take care.
Take some valuable time away from all of the likely tasks ahead today which hold little or certainly less value than the true care needed for self. It is this lack of awareness, lack of true self love which sees your human feeling there is no need…no time…no… take care simply of you.
Take a pause, take a true meaningful loving breath. What needs care. Is it your body? Is it your mind? Is it your energy? Is it….well you and you alone must decipher. So yes, please take care.
Yesterday, I felt off. I speak of my spiritual life with you often, and I will continue to do so. I do not speak about my human life in specifics or detail, and here too I will continue to do so 🤣. It isn’t needed nor necessary for our time. However when I feel off I have to take care of the whole being also.
I am very used to multiple energies and there extremities working in cyclones at times having a huge impact on my human. This takes strength to know and see and pick apart what’s mine and what’s not. My team in spirit help me greatly.
Yet. I always speak of free will. Even my team cannot override, will not interject without request nor invitation.
Yesterday I felt off. Couldn’t pin point it. To be honest, I also couldn’t be arsed. Sometimes it’s just too much to pick it all apart, the why, the who, then the connection and chat and clearing. There Zowie goes with that honesty again. Yes I am very very lucky and grateful and never take for granted my ability to work with spirit. But sometimes to be honest he gets right up my nose. Right on my nerves. And I just get the arse. Can’t be arsed. What’s the point. And yesterday was one of those days. I felt off. There was no particular trigger nor reason…sure enough occurrences in my life could have stood up waved and taken the blame…but it wasn’t them.
So I stayed in off. Which doesn’t serve me. Won’t serve you. But it’s a natural human wave to experience. The trouble with this ebb…is it likes company. Like attracts like. Energies, emotions and Feelings are like a game of snap. They will keep dealing until they find there matching card. So when off, the emotions and feelings and energy your human will seek out and search for will often be of a negative connotation.

So I was off. Pissed off. Couldn’t be arsed. So…stayed there. For my team in spirit were ignored. And those days are ok, in a controlled and aware manner. What do I mean. Well even though it wasn’t the greatest or lightest of days, it was still a mindful choice. I had still taken the care of me to assess and choose. THIS IS VERY DIFFERENT TO FEELING THIS WAY LONG TERM. That is different and your humans biology may need assistance.

Today I woke. I felt off. I took care. Today..nah uh. I investigated. And once open in he came. Not nice being called a numpty, but he was right. It’s the atmosphere you numpty. Silly Zowie. Mercury Retrograde.

The full article of Mercury retrograde is published in the private facebook group WalkswithSpirit. Detailing how this retrograde will impact you and show itself and how you can navigate this time. All are welcome.

With love xxx