A refresh

Things had become muddy, in many areas.  Also in my work in bringing spirit to those who cross my path.

I have been hiding in over complications.

Improving the website…needing members areas and highly spiritual content.

Trying to reach many on all social media platforms….simply put, hiding.

I am at my best in the most simplistic of ways.

I do not need to over complicate.  I do not need to hide.  My worth, value and abilities are not defined by how many followers I have, response to posts, engagements…or those displaying belief in me.

At my simplest, I am at my best.  When I began I simply channelled spirit to those who found me.

So a refresh.  I have taken down the previous site and all of the grand plans.  I will keep my approach simple.

I am unsure yet on the other social media platforms.  I shall wait until the muddy waters clear.

For now.

Maybe your reading this post may see you too hitting the refresh button.

With love xxx

abstract art artistic autumn
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com