Light up

Dear Sweet Friends,
When we shine our light, it means that we are expressing our souls purpose in being here.  We are living congruently with our souls purpose and our light shines out.  Don’t you just love being around people, when they are being their authentic selves?  That is true charisma and magnetism.  

If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.
  – Buddhist Proverb
Full article written in Private Facebook Group ‘WalkswithSpirit’ ….its simply too long to post here.
The private group also very rarely mimics posts found here nor on other media sites.  That is my intention for the group.  The group is there for those to post freely as they wish and for a community of like minded souls working with spirit to have a safe, loving and lifting place.
Come and join if you wish.
For now, with love
🙏Zowie xxx