Release your wings..

Sweet friends,

Hi. No matter where you sit in your day, in the moment…left field…not even in the field 😁…

Inhale. On an exhale, release your wings.

Now bat the eyelashes open…you’ll see things, people, places, events with angel wings.

It costs you nothing to view people in love, regardless. It costs you everything, not to. In seeing feelingly with love, no matter where you sit you will have love blanketing you. Nothing, no thing will feel as bad as it did, and anything that felt great will feel greater for the right purpose.

A friend of walkswithspirit @interior_wellbeing, Rose and in turn a friend of all you who walk with me….needed that love this very morning.

I am not actively bringing spirit in one on ones to others at the minute. Doesn’t mean I dont get bombarded with spirit…and some slip through. Sneaky buggers 🙏

Rose needed her Mum today, and with cake her Mum was coming through. Rose isn’t having an easy human existence at present, so if you find that you struggle to send love to another…hold Rose in your thoughts, your heart and feel that tingle in your soul.

Happy Birthday Rose, you are very well loved, you just might never have met those who love you.

The Angel wings in me, bow to the Angel wings in you all.

For now, with love
Zowie xxx
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