Namaste my sweet Friends 🙏

It has been a while, and in love I hope those reading are very well.
An image in my world holds a story, I often decipher emotion, words and a story from one image that spirit shows me.

Today I had not planned to return to all things media. Yet my team in spirit have had enough, and the proverbial nudge has been given.

Simply a sign is all that some seek, I am told. So a sign I give. This image represents all I need to convey.

Over the coming days and weeks I will begin to post again more regularly. The writers block, over. A greater oneness in my whole self once again prevailing. A knowing, seeing, hearing, feeling and loving returned with the sole focus on others souls, leading.

Spirit has much to say. But as you know, I won’t be pushed around either. 🤣 one day I’ll write a book about the rows me and my lovely guides have…. I will return to readings at some stage in September, and I am aware of all the messages sent. I will take my time to respond in love, so please be patient. I also will resume the completion of the private social area on my website, those that have requested membership – please do not worry all will open in due time.

This new awakening of mine has me holding my breath. Something is coming and it’s time to grow again and reach more who are meant to cross paths. I hope you join me on this walk with spirit.

With love xxx

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Love and Light 💖

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