Signs your pet is spiritually communicating with you

Dear Sweet Pet Loving Friends

Many of you enjoyed my recent post on signs loved ones are communicating with you.

Synchronicity saw all of my readings today bringing through loved and lost pets.

It’s magical and matters greatly to those who deeply miss their animals.

So here I write about ways, signs you can decipher that your deceased let’s are trying to communicate with you.

Your pet can be one of your best friends, and when they cross over, this best friend relationship usually doesn’t change at all.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Coco (2017), where pets become the children’s spirit animal upon passing, this is the closest thing to the truth I can use as an analogy for what happens when a pet crosses over.

Pets do often become spirit guides of their owners and will appear in their owner’s energy field even long after they pass.

People frequently sense their deceased pets jumping up on the bed, hear their voice, hear the jingle of their collar down the hall, or sense them rustling around and down the halls.

Sensations of a pet’s presence can occur well after the passing of the pet, and people all over the world experience these visitations. These may be natural signs, but what do you do if you want to communicate with your pet spiritually, and they haven’t died yet?

Pets can connect with their owners before and after they cross the veil.

What if you want to know signs of how your living pet is trying to get your attention on a subconscious level?

That’s what we’re here today to discuss –

First and foremost, when a pet wants to communicate with someone spiritually, they can be living or deceased.

This is a spirit-to-spirit level communication that happens on a telepathic, subconscious, psychic level that is not bound by only the dense moving collection of molecules we call a body.

So both living and deceased pets can send any of the communication signals into the energy fields of those they want to connect with, some people call it telepathic, it could just be a form of connection researchers in this country haven’t identified yet.

Below are the top four ways animals, mainly domestic, attempt to connect with their people,

1. funny images

Have you ever been working and happy images of your pet’s face keeps popping in your mind?

If this was happening to you and it was a person, we’d say they were in your energy all day. New lovers and friends do this constantly, as will pets, who will do this to get our attention and keep our mood high.

For many pets, this is their soul job on earth, to bring joy and happiness.

Just as we have soul jobs, pets do, too, so they will sometimes send happy telepathic images to continue to keep spirits high and also as an attempt to get your attention and keep your mood up.

If you see images of your pet, this is also a sign your pet is thinking about you.

what can you do to participate:

Allow the joy! Smile, pass the blessing on to others.

2. alert signals

Have you ever been trying to work, while a loved pet is at a veterinary office all day, and then you start thinking something must be wrong, and then the vet calls to tell you there is something wrong?

I know this is a concrete example, but have you ever thought something has been wrong with your pet, and then something was?

However urgent or not, this is a clear sign your pet was trying to get into your energy and wanted to alert you of something. Imagine them calling out to you with their energy, because this is what is happening.

what can you do to participate:

Respond! Intervene if you can. If you can’t, send them calming energy in return. Think calming thoughts about them.

If you do realize at any point in your relationship with your pet that you can sense your pet in danger, keep this in mind in situations when you worry about them. Have peace of mind in knowing that they will alert you. If they can do it once and it worked once, they’ll do it every time.

Meaning, if this is a shared communication method for you and your pet, then know you may be able to clairsentiently sense your pet.

3. songs that remind you of them

Do you sing special songs to your pet? Have you given your pet a theme song?

If you have, this is great. Singing is a method of communicating love that many species use. Multiple species types can sing together as a form of bonding, a way to communicate, and as a way to have fun together.

Have you thought of songs that remind you of the sass of your pet? This can be a sign their energy is indeed floating in the ethers somewhere.

This sign also works for deceased loved ones who have passed – songs of them, frequently, directly equals sign of their energetic presence, especially if the song starts popping up synchronistically.

what can you do to participate:

If the song pops up, enjoy it, sing it to someone you love, or share it. Listen to the music to get into their vibe.

Songs can be a form of release, so if you are grieving, sometimes pets and other loved ones will send us songs that help relieve your grief to get you into a happier state again.

4. people in your life bringing up the animal

Your pets may try to send you signals or get their wishes across through the people that you know.

If you have acquaintances, friends or family give you gifts with the symbolism of the animal you wish to communicate, ask you questions about them, or otherwise let you know this pet was on their mind – it could be an attempt to get through.

A dog or cat may attempt to send telepathic messages to a new partner or even a new friend, since we may be so used to hearing it, it can be easier to ignore.

what can you do to participate:

Listen to your friends. They may have insight into what is going on with your pet that is visible just outside your crystal ball.

so to recap, pets can communicate:

By sending you funny mental images

Directing clairsentient energy signals to you

With songs about them popping up in your head or heard at synchronistic times

Through other people

Above are a few ways your pet can and likely has already started to communicate with you spiritually. There are many more.

Aside from these signs, one of the best methods of animal communication is noticing the vocalizations and body language signals of your pet. Body signals and vocal signals can be interpreted by understanding the context of what might be going on in the environment.

When to watch out for spiritual communication from pets? Anytime, but especially if your pet has lost the ability to communicate verbally or if they are crossed over.

Keep in mind when spiritually communicating with your pet, we can interact with them non-physically, and everyone receives non-physical communication differently.

Have you noticed any of these ways a living or crossed pet has reached out to you? Have you heard stories of any of these signs happening to anyone you know? What are your thoughts on the possibilities of animal communication?

I remember vividly my shock when I first brought through a deceased pet in a reading…now it happens every time.

I have always had an affinity with animals, and sense and a knowing of what they are feeling or trying to communicate. As I have grown and allowed walls to drop this face to face communication has become stronger and stronger.

Of course it should have made sense to me much earlier, when doing Spirit Guide Identification readings I always bring through messages from your spirit animals currently walking with you.

Its bloomin lovely….and as I always say believe in the unbelievable. Those who have had sessions where I have given messages from their animal friends will help you do so.

With love, now and then

Zowie xxx


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