Change. Huge change afoot.

Dearest Sweetest Friends
Work done since the 1st of this month listening and mindfully, consciously is building.
Today we bring signs that change is coming.  To each who happens upon this message, remember your team in spirit are clever at presenting what you most need to see.
It isn’t by chance.
Do not try to control this change, or the change you wish for or the rules around how it will be presented.  Your spirit self chose long before your human was born.
So what can you do? Recap on the guidance of the week.  Read and embody this message.
Then when time permits. Sit child.
Close your eyes peacefully. Breathe in for the count of 2 and out to the count of 2.  And simply this, imagine in anyway available to you ‘a door opening’.
For those advanced having worked with me before, see yourself in front of the door. Seeing the handle. Turning it. Pushing the door. And then stand looking through the door.  See what ever you see. Do not control this. The vision isn’t the change, the vision is the connection of you with your spirit guides… a few of my friends.
Sit here as long as you feel.  You’ll likely feel our presence. So come share.
You can see the lovely interaction we are all enjoying just these 5 short days.
The world is moving. The Universal lesson we are all walking….here is a place to keep light. Bright. Carried. Safe. Loved.  Amounts are limitless.  So share.
With love xxx
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Love and Light 💖

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