Live as if ‘Is’

Dear Lightfilled Friends
The Ascended Masters came through for you.  Happening upon this days message will be as your team in spirit intended.  There is no coincidence.
Read their words.  It is quite simple.  In your entirety be the change you desire as if it is already so.
Difficult?  More so challenging.  Raise your awareness to your own thoughts and actions and consciously and mindfully reset as and when needed.
It costs nothing but space in egos vortex.  I’d say the prize certainly worth nudging ego aside ….
Calling upon the Masters and Angels, today I shall make it quite simple.  Read the card.  Close your eyes, be still.  Breathe in slowly, out slowly for the count of 10.  You will feel them. Us. It will be known and shown they are with you.
Come tell if you wish.
With love xxx

Love and Light 💖

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