Wednesday 17th October 2018


With a heart full of love you are brave enough for anything and anyone.

Bravery comes from courage, courage stems from a love filled heart.

Today be heart filled. Be Brave.

Bravery isn’t the weapon for courage, it’s a shield.

When achieving the totality of love then your soul will achieve this spirits main and overall intention and objective.

It is a daily task for our humans and hence why in reading my cards guided from those in divine…you are subtley reminded. Daily…sometimes moment by moment. That viewing all and everything in love, will be all and everything.

I interact with many in spirit and particularly today spirit animal guides made their way through.

You would think our friend Lion would have come first, leading, commanding, steering the way…being brave.

Yet he was last. Last of 3.

Sparrow came first, I felt her and knew without words or transcript why she came. It was very quick, fleeting….Yet she was clear on purpose.

Light, flighty, joyful and lifting. You can close your eyes and just image her flitting about.

Followed by badger. He was slow. Heavy, weighty, sniffing, cautious…seemed wary. As with sparrow he didn’t speak, it was quick….Yet his message I felt very clearly.

And then he led. The Lion. Quiet, confident, assured, strength, humble, safe. He radiated safety.

He did speak and this card was his message to you, the reader.

The 3 together….Sparrow demonstrated we needed lifting, to be light and flighty and joyful…and yes to sing as we go about it. Badger….showed how we are currently feeling, trudging, heavy. Weighty. (Don’t worry…He was acting for us, he in fact now just popped up on hind legs, doned a flat bowler hat, fastened a bow tie, grabbed a cane…and danced sideways taking a bow as if moving off stage 🤣) Then Lion. He shows us how. To remind us to be brave. How to harness brave. For what brave is to the human, is not the true definition of brave.

I hope you enjoyed them, more importantly take heed.

I expect your day will have an entirely different result.

Mine now will.

With love xxx
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