Care what people think? Be the master of your thoughts, not slave.

Sweet Friends

A task suggested for your moments in this coming weekend.

How much of your time involves thinking about what you think, others think?

This may relate to work, to family, to strangers, to acquaintances…

You may be walking your dog, or staring at your phone wondering why you haven’t had contact…maybe you were the last to reach out? Or you’ve sent in a piece at work and you haven’t heard back…

Maybe you consider running to the shops without makeup on or your hair up? Maybe your little headphones have broken and only the giant ear muff size ones are available…

Maybe you just consider running?

Maybe you want more than you have? Maybe you don’t want to go?

Maybe you don’t like sushi yet have pretended you love it.

Maybe you consider your social presence on the wonder and freedom the www has given us….freedom my arse. How many of you consider your next post…your last post? Who will see it? What will they think? About you, your post…how many times do you check your post to see if you can glean the thinking of others.

How many followers have you got, how many likes?

Child unless you are telepathic, and some are🤪, you wondering or worrying about what others think or are thinking…is a complete utter waste of time.

Egos time very well spent. For the distraction in fact will often halt you. Hinder you. Slow you down. Even if you push through to completion with said endeavor…crumbs ego took you the hard way. If muffled. It hurt. You.

What the ‘they’ do actually think….firstly is their’s. So leave them with it.

For know this child, what each human thinks is a reflection and a manifestation of them. Their wonderful magic.

I intend on sharing more magic with you this week, for you to use if you choose.

Here is your very first trick. Stop thinking ‘what are they thinking? But what will they think?’

If you believe you do not do this, nor need this guidance…remember your thoughts reflect you and manifest you.

I have worked with thousands. I have yet to come across a human who does not succumb to Egos distraction tactic. I have met some who are better at seeing it….moving around it and in front of it. But not one who doesn’t experience it.

So here is your magical gift to use over this coming weekend.

If you wish an action and item to cement your spell, then please choose one of the following;

A white candle – the candle will be lit when you affirm the magic. Look at the candle for 5 mins, being with the energy created.
A white/clear quartz crystal – the crystal will be clasped for 5 mins between both hands as you affirm the magic.
A mirror – you will face your image in the mirror. Do not look at your image, allow the gaze to soften become blurred. Here you will see your spirit self, the haze around you, you will be at one with your soul.

Words of the magic.

Mighty Universe, the great divine. I follow my path set humbly, but in this moment and moments before me I ask that you help me set my destiny of choice. I choose release from thoughts of others egoic minds. Release my mind from egos control, mine and that of theirs. I no longer will worry nor think on the thinkings of others. I will walk in absolute. In love and light, in all that is above and below, So be it.

If you do not own the objects mentioned, then please wait til the moon joins you. Make sure you see the moon. Sit on the earth or a least with your bare feet touching the earth. This could be outside, but your bedroom or other room in the house will be fine. Contact with a surface is required. Clear your mind…chant the spell. And sit. The moon will engage your eyes, and your soul will preside over your energy.

If you do not own the objects or have access to the moon, nor care what others think. Bravo…your intrigue is quenched and you reason for coming across me will show itself in your future. If you allow it.

So be it. My friends. Your very own spirit magic show.

As you use any form, and your intent is pure – you will feel us. You will know we are there. That is our promise to you. Scoffers…try it. You will know.

Please come and share your experience as and when you use.

For now, with love xxx