Connect with Spirit

Hey….namaste 🙏
I am so grateful for your patience. As promised here are readings I am currently offering.
Unless otherwise stated sessions are for an hour and via WhatsApp or DM messaging on Instagram.
Spiritual Counselling / Spirit Chat
Spiritual Healing and Meditation
Instructed meditation for spirit connection
Spiritual Life Coaching personal/business
Akashic Record Reading (via written transcript)
Spiritual Awakening/Developement – (2 hour session)
Please take the time to view the full explainations and details of what each session entails via
There are also hundreds of testimonials to view if requiring assurance to make your decision to go ahead and choose me to connect you with Spirit.
If you now wish to proceed with a reading then please let me know via email or DM.  If you have sent an enquiry previously please reapply as message facility has now only been switched on. 
Then we will begin to look at availability. My time zone is GMT, it would be worth checking our time difference in advance.
With true love and light
Zowie xxx