This Wolf Moon requires your acknowledgement

Delightful Friends
I do not often publicly speak about the stars, signs of stars from the sun and the moon. Yet their messages come through in all of my work with spirit.
For simply the stars are signs from the universe. A map shall I liken it to. Think more along the lines of a directional map merged with a treasure map.
We are not dropped here without thought nor love. There are signs everywhere.
I had a year altering sign today, one repeated often, today I couldn’t ignore. I thank those present in all realms for shaking me to wake.
These signs are our choices to heed, to hark to ignore.
I am guided to bring this sign right under your nose for many will look to the sky thinking it can hold very much for them on their moment.
We tonight there is a Wolf Moon. It is an eclipse.
The Wolf Moon will pass through a shadowy region of space behind Earth today, in what is known as a penumbral eclipse.
As the Moon passes opposite the Sun it will spend about four hours in the partial shadow of Earth, this will be while the Moon is below the horizon for most of the Americas.
If you happen to find yourself on the opposite side of Earth, the slight and gradual dimming of the Moon should be barely noticeable – if at all.
Cancer of the stars pattern will sit in Capricorn moon cycle. Its fullest moon.
These 2 maps often walk in very different directions and promise a different treasure. One operates in emotion. Allowing emotion to aid and hinder depending on the soul or ego led human. Choose wisely here my friends.
Capricorn all about the earth matter. Matter. The things, objects, places…things being where they should be. If they are not…then they will be. Capricorn will move the chess piece to its rightful position no matter how many times it steps out to a new square.
Can you see the push and pull. For capricorn cares about earths mattering not only the material but the way it’s done. So family. Work. All perceived as normal and orderly. Cancer will see,feel all of the emotion surrounding this and if it isn’t there….well she will create it.
January could get tricky….our advice keep in your moments. There are indeed some rocky roads
Ahead involving work, business or the effective running of the home.

Unnecessary emotion, created emotion will not make these tasks easier.

This moon has an imperfect alignment mirroring that of the Solar Eclipse of July 12th, 2018, which was at 20º50′ Cancer. Think back to this time and the initiatives you were beginning to consider. For it is here great importance lies.

To navigate this period please balance grounding activities with feeling – a bracing winter walk with family, getting together colleagues for a back-to-work feast, establishing healthy goals and boundaries at home. Remember that Cancer governs domestic settings, ancestry, food, nurturing, mothers, and comfort; Capricorn governs big business, industry, practical efforts and establishing limits.

There is much in this moon that will manifest the year ahead.

This is reason I share our guidance.

For now, with love xxx