Choose your residence

Sweet Friends
If those that deciphered the language heard into letters and words maybe our humans could have been saved time.
I hope 🙏 you pin this post.  Forehead….fridge…your choice.
This works alongside incarnation choices, which those following me begin to grasp in the timing meant for them, lessons unique to You…yes.
A conspiracy against You by the Universe?  Make you absolve responsibility, allow ego to feel better….out of your control right?
We have spoken this week upon opportunity, challenges…they arent meant to be avoided.  But how they are overcome, if they are overcome, is down to you and your choice of sensibility.
Sure, not having it? Then sit in the Universe.
Want to break the cycle? Eureka.  Pin it.
I’ll be around today and will answer only on @walkswithspirit instagram, if you wish clarification on this matter.
For now, with love xxx