Website update..

I have been working hard over the last week to give my website a nice new and fresh feeling….a place to sit in peace and calm…

I hope you are beginning to like what you see.

The purpose is to have a nice and warm backdrop for future development’s….more on this exciting news coming soon…

I hope you are having a lovely day, and if not…there’s still time to make it lovely. Remember you hold the power.

In love xxx

7 thoughts on “Website update..

    1. It’s not ready yet….you found the area I am developing…Which is wonderful that you are looking and reading. Once I have fully tested it and as happy as I can be I will launch and you’ll receive the activation. 🙏


      1. Oh right! Just a little too excited to be a part of this website and the beautiful things you offer hahah. Can’t wait! all the best zowie!!! So happy to see you bounce back higher from everything that happened on the previous ig account 🙂


        1. I promise I’m working hard on it and it won’t be long before you can come see….it will need input from users as to how it can develop and grow…more in terms of ideas on content…but soon I’ll be able to accept members xxx


Love and Light 💖

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