A little more meat on the bone for you… As you know I conduct many different types of sessions for interactions between this realm and spirit realm.

This means I am able to communicate with all different types of spirit from different realms within the universe.

A counselling or guidance session…may be with your spirit guides…your higher self…Or my guides….Archangels….you get the picture.

These sessions cover ….well…..not found anyone I can’t help yet. So let’s say….anything. Also…past, present and future.

There are then healing sessions, teaching to connect sessions, chakra balance and cleanse, meditation…Akashic records…past lives…etc.


So today one of my readings was for a Sister connecting with her Sister.

And so….That is all I do and concentrate on. My guides in the first instance…check things out. Ensure protection and connection are strong…And if the decreased spirit has learnt well…..then it’s all down to them.

In this case….well trust me when I say she learnt well and quick. As in human life some deceased loved ones are better at certain types of communication than others.

Some may be visual …showing images for me then to decipher the meaning. Some may show actual real images. Some may use words. Some may use a thought…A knowing such as telepathy. Just plant it in. Some use the body to sense and feel.

All are different. You’ll often find too….That if a medium has a strong sense…say just the one….And a spirit isnt strong in that sense…then there’ll be blocks or lack of communication…feeling a sense of well I’ve lost the ability. For those mediums out there secretly reading this…sussing me out…yeah I see you…you’re safe and yes I can help you. Man in dark rimmed glasses….who holds his hands clasped in front of him on a table top and touches the tips of his fingers to his lips….I’m sure we will soon chat.

Anyways I digress.

So here today….she needed no help. In fact…she was quite frenetic. Speedy much more so than when she came for 2 others. This time….she had a lot to get through to a messenger for multiple people.

At one time…I didn’t get what

She meant quite so quickly…So she started playing charades…with me. Using her body to get me to understand that she didn’t mean she was the youngest that she wanted to mention the youngest…very clever. And a blessing. So I hope you enjoy an I sight. In love xxx