Wednesday 24th October 2018


A knowing is within your human at all times. It sits with soul.

Yet validation is a personality trait you humans develop with the ego.

You are of course meant to, it being one of the many layers to multiple lessons you choose to incarnate for.

Some humans will need greater levels of validation from others….than others.

Today see clearly how your human is reacting.

For you don’t just play a board game, you ride a roller coaster. An unpleasantly extreme one.

You undertook a task. You were doubtful, fearful…you overcame and branched out. Yet this all came from egos expectation to prove a point in failing. It challenged a fail. To prove one should stay just where it is….was.

So no….your soul and spirit didn’t lead the branch out….for you wouldn’t then have sat in waiting.

And the longer the waiting…..the more traumatic and less likely to try again.

And then….maybe then you received a sign from another that what you had done was right. You had made a difference….a well done…a green light….a pass. A recognition.

Yet ….simply the words or actions of another held your fragile attempt in its hands. The outcome was no different. They just let you know.

And so all of a sudden you feel release. You feel justified. Able. Acknowledged, worthy and approved of. Simply because another said so.

Yet…your soul. You entire spiritual being knew this. The knowing that sits there at all times.

It is here…..that the true accomplishment sits.

To not have to ride the roller coaster in the first place. For sometimes other egos are on their own rollercoaster …..And they in fact don’t like nor wish to offer praise. And then….well then….your ego won. And it’ll keep you from your quest.

A quest of knowing that when acting in the highest of love and light that you are of the greatest success. That you are very well loved by all that matters.

This starts with seeing your human and how you work clearly.

For child, this game is played multiple times a day and will for your human existence. So learn your rules as soon as you are able.
With love

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