Improve your Clairaudience….4 top methods..

Screenshot_20180607-201242_GoogleWhen working with clients in spiritual development sessions, it is often uncovered that the person I am speaking with already has intuitive abilities, they just don’t realize when and how they are using the

Since many of us are born with some kind of intuitive ability, it’s surprisingly common that your ‘ability’ has just been ingrained so deeply into your life and way of being – that uncovering your abilities can be much like discovering a hidden treasure, that’s been underneath a bunch of boxes in the closet? Oh, this old thing? This is my ability?!

Identifying what that is, whether it is clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, channeling, or anything else – can be key to developing your abilities to serve you and others in the greatest and best way possible! Learn about different intuitive abilities here.

The good news is this: chances are, if you are reading this article, you are clairaudient…

Meaning, you can hear guidance from your higher self, spirit guides, angels, or even loved ones on the Other Side. This guidance, while you may not be actively hearing it right now – can be developed to a point where it is recognizable and useful to you! In sessions, I’ve come up with a few of the commonly given tips, gathered from many spirit guides and angels of my clients.

4 Easy Steps To Improve Your Clairaudience

1. practice your listening skills in regular life

The voice of spirit, of your guides and angels, speaks very softly, and as this ability is fine tuned, many explain it as trying to hear someone talk while their underwater. So, the ability to hear spirit, is an act of focused, gentle, and non-interruption listening. In fact, in sessions, when spirit speaks, I have to intently focus, transmit, but be careful not interrupt.Interrupting those in Spirit, while mid-flow, can often disturb the message, and it can take a minute or two to ‘get going again’. This is very much the same as listening to a best friend pour out her emotions to you.If you listen, gently, and with focus, you can hear the message that is behind the words she is really saying – what she is speaking in her own Spirit. Hold your questions until everything is poured out, until the flow is complete.
If you listen and allow those around you to speak until all of their thoughts and emotions are out – you often will find yourself reaching the bottom of it – the real reason why someone is upset, hurt, worried, or scared. Interrupting this flow can answer logistical questions, but it prevent you from reaching the real, most important message at that time.

The more you listen to others in your everyday life – genuinely focusing on their words, hearing their emotions and thoughts without pausing their thoughts to interject with your own, waiting to offer advice or ask questions until it’s clear their intuitive flow of speech is complete – the faster and easier it will be for you to listen to the messages from Spirit.

Often, Spirit guides and Angels will recommend to practice listening to those in Spirit all around you (your friends, your family, and your co-workers), and as you do this, it will become easier for you to hear when Spirit speaks. As you fine tune your general listening skills, make it a goal of yours to Listen more in everyday life, those in Spirit will begin to see that you are ready to hear, to pay attention, to receive messages directly from them.

2. there’s a difference between internal vs.external clairaudience

Many people believe that clairaudience, clear hearing, means that you have the ability to hear voices and sounds external of yourself – just like you would hear a regular person! While this sometimes happens, from time to time, you may hear someone say your name, say hello to you, or a strange noise in your kitchen, it’s much more common, to hear the voice of your guides, Angels and loved ones – come from within.

That’s right. The one thing that all of those on the other side have in common – angels, guides, and loved ones – is that at current time, they lack a physical body. This means they also lack a voice box! Thus, making external sound is very, very difficult.Not impossibly, just challenging.

However, those in Spirit can still use energy to connect with you, and this includes the energy of your thought.In this way, Spirit can speak to you, however, the message comes across more like telepathy, where you actually hear a voice in your head.
Do you talk to yourself a lot? Reality check! It’s likely a Spirit Guide or Angel you’re conversing with. Do you feel like thoughts always run through your head? Do you ‘imagine’ conversations with a loved one on the Other Side? Do you ask questions to yourself, then receive answers within your mind? If so, chances are, you aren’t imagining it at all. It’s totally real.

In fact, in readings, most of those in Spirit I connect with speak clairaudiently, and I hear their voice through the right side of my brain.Since your right brain is your more intuitive, creative side – this is the receptive side for Spirit to use. Your left side is more logical, more thought oriented.

When you ‘talk to yourself’ try to identify the voice of Spirit and your own voice, by identifying which ‘side’ of your brain it comes in. Spirit is always on the right side.

Already talk to Spirit in your mind?Have a loved one you internally chat with? One of the most common complaints from those in Spirit is, “I hear you, but you won’t give me a chance to reply!”. Next time you connect with a loved one, pause, and wait to see if you hear a reply. You might be able to get a conversation going.

3. identify when it’s happening

Often times, you are using your clairaudience and not even realizing that they are. Do you receive answers to questions that you asked all of a sudden?

Do you have a keen ability to deliver pinpointed truthful information to someone who just needed to have it all laid out on the table?

Do you speak clearly and succinctly allowing words to just flow from your mouth, afterwards, not realizing where on earth all of that wisdom came from?

If so, consider for a moment how you are getting this information.If you asking a question, consider Spirit actually hears you. Often, you are hearing it internally, as it flows into your mind from your guardian angels, spirit guides, or theirs!

I often joke that unconscious clairaudients are the best channels for Spirit – because they just allow the words to fly right out of their mouths!

Another way that clairaudience unknowingly presents itself is as an innocent conversation with yourself in the shower, car, or while cooking dinner. Do you run over worries, problems, or concerns over in your mind only to be offered advice on calming down, possible solutions, or assistance on solving the problem?Talk to ‘yourself’ a lot, and receive a lot of loving, supportive feedback? If so, next time you are doing this, ask the one who answers you (previously assumed to be yourself) what their name is and who they are. Listen, internally, for a response. What is their name? Are they a spirit guide?An angel? And remember, not all self – talk is that of Spirit – always the voice of spirit is patient, loving, and gentle – never mean or berating.

While these are two methods that your clairaudience may already be happening, it’s also a possibility that you may be clairaudient, but have never given it a chance to blossom or not considered that you might be.Clairaudience can develop, if you want it to, and can be opened through awareness, practicing on connecting in meditation, and beginning to hear your guides and angels.

The number one way you can start to hear your guides and angels? Ask them questions. Ask them for guidance and advice. Get them in on the dialogue . . .and then get in a comfortable, calm, seated place, and listen.

4. recognize that your clairaudience may be claircognizance

Clairaudience (clear hearing) and Claircognizance (clear knowing) are actually pretty similar – they are both ways of receiving messages from the Divine. With clairaudience, the message comes in the form of a voice in your head, mostly internally.

In claircognizance, guides and angels have often described it as a bird flying over, and dropping a message into your crown and then, Boom! You suddenly KNEW the answer, you KNEW what to do, or you KNEW what to say. Rather than hearing it, you knew it, firmly and exactly – without question. This too, is a method of clear receiving information – rather than hearing, this ability is a knowing – and with both methods the information is landing within your mind.

Usually when I speak to clients who are struggling to develop clairaudience, we often learn that actually, they have another, more direct and easy way of receiving information – clear knowing.

Usually, claircognizance is under-appreciated for this reason! Clients of mine who are claircognizant have mentioned *always* having such a clear way of knowing, they had no idea that this was anything special at all, when really, it is.

Claircognizance is direct information being offered to you, dropped into your crown from your guides and angels. By paying attention to it when it occurs, being more receptive and having gratitude for your guides and angels, it’s very easy to receive more of this type of delivered guidance.

By listening to others in your daily life, understanding internal clairaudience, identification of when it is happening, or realizing that your actual gift may be coming to you a little differently – you can begin enhancing and improving your clairaudience today.

With love xxx